Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
EDED10413 Outdoor Pursuits - Aquatics Yes
EDED10414 Outdoor Pursuits - Land Based No
EDED10418 Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Yes
EDED11328 Teaching Health and Fitness Yes
EDED11331 Human Movement Studies II - Motor Development and Skill Acquisition Yes
EDED11332 Fundamental Structures of School Mathematics I No
EDED11353 Learning Management 1 Yes
EDED11356 Learning Management 3 Yes
EDED11398 Learning Management 2 Yes
EDED11399 Learning Management 4 Yes
EDED11400 Managing Diversity Yes
EDED11401 Building Learning Partnerships Yes
EDED11404 Learning Management 5 Yes
EDED11405 Ensuring Student Success Yes
EDED11406 Teaching Reading Yes
EDED11442 Designing for Optimal Outcomes in Education No
EDED11444 Understanding Inclusion in Education No
EDED11449 Principles of University Learning Yes
EDED11450 Second Language Teaching Methodologies Yes
EDED11451 University Learning Yes
EDED12334 Teaching Aquatics Yes
EDED12335 Teaching and Coaching Games and Sports Yes
EDED12346 Positive Learning Environments No
EDED12443 Professional Partnerships in Education No
EDED12445 Capacity Building in Class Room Pedagogy No
EDED12446 Boarding School Pastoral Care No
EDED12447 Boarding School Academic Programs No
EDED13431 Competence in English Yes
EDED13432 Leadership & Culture in Independent Schools No
EDED19329 Fundamental Structures of School Maths I Yes
EDED19333 Fundamental Structures of School Mathematics II No
EDED19336 Teaching About the Living World No
EDED19341 Teaching about the Natural World No
EDED20289 The Research Process Yes
EDED20417 Supervised Reading for Innovators No
EDED20418 Project No
EDED20419 Advanced Independent Study No
EDED20420 Leading Change in Education and Training No
EDED20421 Professional Project 1 Yes
EDED20422 Professional Project 2 Yes
EDED20423 Professional Project 3 Yes
EDED20424 Professional Project 4 Yes
EDED20425 Professional Project 5 Yes
EDED20426 Advanced Learning Management Yes
EDED20432 Creating Futures Yes
EDED20433 Critical Foresight Yes
EDED20434 Working in the Knowledge Society Yes
EDED20435 Futuring Yes
EDED20437 Net Solutions Yes
EDED20438 Research Project A Yes
EDED20439 Research Project B Yes
EDED20440 Market Positioning Yes
EDED20445 Arts Administration Leadership Yes
EDED20446 New Media in Arts Administration Yes
EDED20447 Media Relations in Arts Administration Yes
EDED20449 Web-Based Research in Arts Administration No
EDED20450 Teaching English as a Foreign Language Yes
EDED20451 TEFL Curriculum Design Yes
EDED20452 Learners of English as a Foreign Language Yes
EDED20453 ICTs for Learning Management Yes
EDED20454 e.Learning Futures No
EDED20455 Supportive Learning Environments Yes
EDED20456 Pedagogical Content Knowledge Yes
EDED20457 Design of Pedagogy Yes
EDED20458 Literacy and Numeracy Yes
EDED20459 Assessment & Reporting in Primary Yes
EDED20466 Arts Administration Research Yes
EDED20467 Assessment and Evaluation Yes
EDED20468 Education for the Global Economy Yes
EDED20469 Education Theories & Philosophies No
EDED20470 Educational Leadership Yes
EDED20471 E-Learning Yes
EDED20472 Managing Diversity in Education Yes
EDED20473 Professional Education Research Yes
EDED20474 Professional Learning Management Yes
EDED20475 Advertising Design Communication Yes
EDED20476 Applied Communication Arts Yes
EDED20477 Cognition, Psychology & Simulation Yes
EDED20478 Using Simulation to Facilitate Learning Yes
EDED20479 Learning Needs Analysis & Simulation Yes
EDED20480 History and Contemporary Uses of Simulation Yes
EDED20481 Conferences and Events Yes
EDED20484 Tertiary Teaching and Learning Yes
EDED20485 Education Technology Yes
EDED20486 Assessment & Reporting in Secondary Yes
EDED20487 Learning and Pedagogy in Secondary Yes
EDED20488 Curriculum in Secondary Yes
EDED20489 Numeracy Yes
EDED21001 Creative Arts Administration Yes
EDED21002 Creative Industries Yes
EDED21003 Critical Thinking in Arts Administration Yes
EDED21004 Creative Arts Portfolio Yes
EDED21005 Presentation Skills for Arts Administrators Yes
EDED21006 Performance Project No
EDED21007 Flexible Learning and Teaching No
EDED21008 Dimensions of University Teaching No
EDED40351 Culture And Learning Yes
EDED40352 Learning Abroad Yes

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