Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2

Using the Handbook


Some basics you should know:

The online handbook contains information on admission, enrolment, examinations, student support and University programs and courses.

It is the student's responsibility to read, know and understand the rules and requirements set out in the handbook that govern successful course and program completion.

Finding your program of study:

  1. From the handbook homepage choose the type of study you wish to undertake from the options under the Degrees heading - either undergraduate, postgraduate, research higher degrees, bridging and access, or honours.
  2. If required, choose the terminology option at the top of the page for explanations of these terms.
  3. The undergraduate and postgraduate program listings are divided into subject areas. Choose the area you are interested in (for example 'education' or 'sciences').
  4. You will now see a list of available study programs in that subject area.
  5. Select a program from this list to get more information.

The program
Each program has certain standard information to help you gain an understanding of the study undertaken to gain the particular degree. There is also information  about the careers possible from the particular study and testimonials from students who have graduated from or are currently studying the program.

The 'Program at a glance' section provides details on the duration of the program, the availability of the program across CQU's network of campuses and teaching locations, contacts for further information etc.

The 'Program outline' section provides an introduction and general information on the program. 'Program structure' indicates how many courses and units of credit are required to complete the program.

The 'Courses' section shows the core courses, electives etc that are required to complete the program.

Course information
The course description and availability provides information on courses and electives available at CQU and the availability at each campus.

  1. From the handbook homepage choose the 'View complete list' link from under the Subjects heading.
  2. Choose the way you wish to view the course lists (by course code or by course name).
  3. Alphabetical lists on these pages will allow you to go direclty to your course information.
  4. Read the explanation of the course.
To determine the level of each course contact the University on 1300 360 444 or your program advisor for more information.

Important information
The 'important information' section of the handbook has general information on admission, enrolment, support etc. This section provides contact phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses for further information if required.

Handbook errata/changes to the handbook
This page, which can be found in the 'What's New' section, lists the changes made to the online handbook since it was first published. Check this page to ensure that no changes or amendments have been made that may affect your program of study.

Academic calendar/Key dates
This is the calendar of principal dates for the University. The calendar shows the term start dates and other important dates that you should be aware of such as QTAC offer round dates and the last dates to withdraw from courses without academic and financial penalties.

Contact us
This page, located under the quick links section, provides further contact phone numbers and email addresses for general, student, research and international student enquiries. There are also contacts for each CQU campus and faculty.


PRINT WARNING - Printed copies of this document or part thereof should not be relied upon as a current reference document. ALWAYS refer to the electronic copy for the latest version.