Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
TEAC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
TEAC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
TEAC30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
THTR10036 Studies in Form/Music Theatre I Yes
THTR10037 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 2 Yes
THTR10038 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 3 No
THTR10039 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 4 No
THTR11063 Staging Australia No
THTR11065 Staging Performance No
THTR11102 Production 1 Yes
THTR11103 Production 2 Yes
THTR11108 Acting & Dance for Music Theatre 1 No
THTR11109 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 2 Yes
THTR11112 Principal Dance Studios 1 No
THTR11113 Principal Dance Studios 2 No
THTR11114 Principal Drama Studios 1 Yes
THTR11115 Principal Drama Studios 2 Yes
THTR11116 Principal Studios 1 Yes
THTR11117 Principal Studios 2 Yes
THTR11118 Stagecraft 1 Yes
THTR11119 Stagecraft 2 No
THTR11120 Theatre Studies 1 Yes
THTR11121 Theatre Studies 2 Yes
THTR11122 Voice and Speech 1 Yes
THTR12064 Creative Drama No
THTR12104 Production 3 No
THTR12105 Production 4 No
THTR12110 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 3 Yes
THTR12111 Acting & Dance for Music Theatre 4 Yes
THTR12112 Principal Dance Studios 3 No
THTR12113 Principal Dance Studios 4 No
THTR12114 Principal Drama Studios 3 No
THTR12115 Principal Drama Studios 4 No
THTR12116 Principal Studios 3 No
THTR12117 Principal Studios 4 No
THTR12118 Theatre Studies 3 No
THTR12119 Theatre Studies 4 No
THTR12120 Voice and Speech 2 No
THTR13065 Acting for Multimedia Yes
THTR13106 Production 5 Yes
THTR13107 Production 6 Yes
THTR13112 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 5 Yes
THTR13113 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 6 Yes
THTR13114 Principal Dance Studios 5 No
THTR13115 Principal Dance Studios 6 No
THTR13116 Principal Drama Studios 5 No
THTR13117 Principal Drama Studios 6 No
THTR13118 Principal Studios 5 No
THTR13119 Principal Studios 6 No
THTR13120 Theatre Studies 5 No
THTR13121 Theatre Studies 6 No
THTR20001 Writing Words for the Stage 1 No
THTR20002 Writing Music for the Stage 1 No
THTR21001 Storytelling as Dramaturgy No
THTR21002 The Broadway Musical No
TOUR11013 Understanding Tourism Yes
TOUR11021 Events, Leisure & Entertainment Yes
TOUR19010 Global Tourism Yes
TOUR19016 Special Interest Tourism No
TOUR19019 Tourism Business Development Yes
TOUR19020 Destination Marketing No
TOUR19021 Events, Leisure & Entertainment No
TRMR30003 Research & Thesis (6) No

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