Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
BIOH12010 Pathophysiology Yes
EDED20456 Pedagogical Content Knowledge Yes
MUSC11408 Peformance Studies 2 Yes
MGMT20124 People, Work & Organisations Yes
MUSC12407 Perceptual Systems & Intermedia 2 No
MUSC12406 Perceputal Systems & Intermedia 1 No
HRMT19012 Performance Management Yes
EDED21006 Performance Project No
MUSC11407 Performance Studies 1 Yes
MUSC12409 Performance Studies 3 Yes
MUSC12410 Performance Studies 4 Yes
MUSC13408 Performance Studies 5 Yes
MUSC13409 Performance Studies 6 Yes
BLSV13025 Performance-Based Legislation Yes
PSYC12013 Personality Yes
PHRM10004 Pharmacology No
PHRM19001 Pharmacology and Toxicology Yes
HLTH20028 Philosophy and Bioethics No
HMSC11006 Physical Activity, Fitness and Health Yes
ENPO20001 Physical and Chemical Processes Yes
GEOG11023 Physical Geography of Australia Yes
PHYS29001 Physics I No
PHYS29002 Physics II No
PSYC12012 Physiological Psychology Yes
LAWS19038 Planning & Environment Law Yes
ENEV22007 Planning Theory and Practice Yes
BOTN20001 Plant Biology Yes
ENPG22003 Plant Materials Yes
BOTN13002 Plants and the Environment Yes
EDEC11021 Play Based Learning No
SOCL19062 Policy Power and Politics Yes
LITR11055 Popular Genres Yes
MUSC11404 Popular Music Songwriting No
HLTH13028 Population Health No
HLTH13031 Population Health Epidemiology Yes
EDED12346 Positive Learning Environments No
PSYC20032 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology A Yes
PSYC20033 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology B Yes
MDWF22004 Post Partum and Neonatal Care Continuum Yes
ENEE13009 Power Electronic Conversion Yes
ENPG22001 Power Plant Chemistry No
ENEE13015 Power System Analysis Yes
ENEE13010 Power System Modelling and Analysis Yes
ENEE13016 Power System Protection Yes
SOWK19024 Practice Frameworks: Child & Family Yes
CHEM19031 Pre-Honours Topics No
EDED21005 Presentation Skills for Arts Administrators Yes
THTR11112 Principal Dance Studios 1 No
THTR11113 Principal Dance Studios 2 No
THTR12112 Principal Dance Studios 3 No
THTR12113 Principal Dance Studios 4 No
THTR13114 Principal Dance Studios 5 No
THTR13115 Principal Dance Studios 6 No
THTR11114 Principal Drama Studios 1 Yes
THTR11115 Principal Drama Studios 2 Yes
THTR12114 Principal Drama Studios 3 No
THTR12115 Principal Drama Studios 4 No
THTR13116 Principal Drama Studios 5 No
THTR13117 Principal Drama Studios 6 No
MUSC11400 Principal Jazz Studios 1 Yes
MUSC11402 Principal Jazz Studios 2 Yes
MUSC12401 Principal Jazz Studios 3 Yes
MUSC12402 Principal Jazz Studios 4 Yes
MUSC13402 Principal Jazz Studios 5 Yes
MUSC13403 Principal Jazz Studios 6 Yes
THTR11116 Principal Studios 1 Yes
THTR11117 Principal Studios 2 Yes
THTR12116 Principal Studios 3 No
THTR12117 Principal Studios 4 No
THTR13118 Principal Studios 5 No
THTR13119 Principal Studios 6 No
MUSC11396 Principal Study 1 No
MUSC11397 Principal Study 2 No
MUSC12399 Principal Study 3 Yes
MUSC12400 Principal Study 4 Yes
MUSC13397 Principal Study 5 Yes
MUSC13398 Principal Study 6 Yes
ACCT11057 Principles of Accounting Yes
BIOL11007 Principles of Animal and Plant Culture No
ECON11026 Principles of Economics Yes
HRMT19021 Principles of Employment Relations Yes
HRMT11013 Principles of Human Resource Management Yes
AQUA19001 Principles of Modern Aquaculture Yes
EDED11449 Principles of University Learning Yes
CQUN41001 Probability, Stats and Finance Yes
CREA11007 Problem Solving Yes
CREA12002 Problem Solving in the 21st Century Yes
COIS20007 Problem-Based Industry Development B Yes
EDCU11029 Procedural Mathematics 1 No
EDCU11030 Procedural Mathematics 2 No
ENPO20002 Process Control and Instrumentation Yes
ENEM14013 Process Engineering and Plants Yes
ENPO29001 Process Management Industry Project A Yes
ENPO29002 Process Management Industry Project B Yes
ENAR12009 Process Mineralogy & Analysis Yes
ENPO20004 Process Simulation, Modelling & Optimisation Yes
MGMT19118 Procurement and Supply Management Yes
THTR11102 Production 1 Yes
THTR11103 Production 2 Yes
THTR12104 Production 3 No
THTR12105 Production 4 No
THTR13106 Production 5 Yes
THTR13107 Production 6 Yes
MGMT19126 Production and Operations Management Yes
PSYC20034 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies Yes
COMM11003 Professional and Technical Communication Yes
EDED20473 Professional Education Research Yes
ENAG11006 Professional Engineering Communication Yes
HRMT19005 Professional Experience and Practice No
COIT13132 Professional Issues No
COIT11227 Professional Issues Yes
ENPO20013 Professional Issues in Process Management Yes
EDED20474 Professional Learning Management Yes
MDWF20001 Professional Midwifery Studies No
EDED12443 Professional Partnerships in Education No
BUSN19025 Professional Placement 1 Yes
BUSN19027 Professional Placement 2 Yes
BUSN19028 Professional Placement Project Yes
BUSN19026 Professional Placement Review Yes
NURS13115 Professional Practice Yes
BLAR12053 Professional Practice Yes
PSYC14049 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies Yes
PSYC20027 Professional Practice of Psychology No
PSYC14025 Professional Practice of Psychology No
BUSN19024 Professional Practice Preparation Yes
ENEP11001 Professional Practice Preparation 1 Yes
ENEP12001 Professional Practice Preparation 2 Yes
ENEP11002 Professional Practice Review 1 Yes
ENEP12002 Professional Practice Review 2 Yes
EDED20421 Professional Project 1 Yes
EDED20422 Professional Project 2 Yes
EDED20423 Professional Project 3 Yes
EDED20424 Professional Project 4 Yes
EDED20425 Professional Project 5 Yes
ENEG14004 Professional Service Practice Yes
FAHE13001 Professional Skills Yes
JALC19002 Professional Teaching in Japan Yes
COIT11133 Programming Fundamentals No
NURS10126 Project Yes
EDED20418 Project No
BUSN19021 Project Yes
BUSN20007 Project Yes
MATH19234 Project Part A No
MATH19235 Project Part B No
MRKT19030 Promotions Management Yes
PHYS12076 Properties of Materials Yes
PROP19002 Property & Asset Management Yes
ECON19036 Property Economics Yes
FINC19014 Property Investment and Finance Yes
LAWS19035 Property Law Yes
PROP11001 Property Valuation Yes
ENML21005 Prospecting & Exploration Methods No
BIOT19002 Proteomics & Bioinformatics No
PSYC20028 Psychology Research Project A No
PSYC14051 Psychology Research Project A Yes
PSYC20029 Psychology Research Project B No
PSYC14052 Psychology Research Project B Yes
PSYC21005 Psychopathology I No
PSYC21006 Psychopathology II No
JOUR19024 Public Relations & the Media Yes
MGMT19122 Public Sector Procurement Policies and Principles Yes

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