Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
MARN13007 Coastal Marine Resources Yes
MARN13013 Marine Environmental Impact Assessment No
MATH11160 Technology Mathematics Yes
MATH11163 Mathematics IA Yes
MATH11164 Mathematics IB Yes
MATH11165 Discrete Mathematics No
MATH11218 Engineering Foundation Mathematics Yes
MATH11219 Engineering Mathematics Yes
MATH11246 Quantitative Methods A Yes
MATH12171 Differential Equations Yes
MATH12172 Multivariable Calculus Yes
MATH12173 Linear Algebra No
MATH12178 Engineering Mathematics III No
MATH12222 Engineering Mathematical Applications Yes
MATH13176 Special Topic A Yes
MATH13179 Numerical Analysis No
MATH19201 Mathematics Honours Project/Thesis A No
MATH19202 Mathematics Honours Project/Thesis B No
MATH19203 Mathematics Topic A No
MATH19204 Mathematics Topic B No
MATH19205 Mathematics Topic C No
MATH19234 Project Part A No
MATH19235 Project Part B No
MATH20247 Quantitative Methods No
MATH21001 Conceptual Foundations Yes
MATH29003 Mathematical Modelling A No
MATH29004 Mathematical Modelling B No
MATH40087 Transition Maths I Yes
MATH40088 Transition Maths I (Mid Year) No
MATH40089 Transition Maths II (Mid Year) No
MATH40090 Enabling Mathematics No
MATH40227 Transition Maths I MLC No
MATH40228 Transition Mathematics + Yes
MATH40229 Transition Maths II Yes
MATH40230 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex A Yes
MATH40231 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex B Yes
MATH40232 Transition Mathematics 1A Yes
MATH40233 Transition Mathematics 1B Yes
MATH40236 Transition Maths IA No
MATH40237 Transition Mathematics 1 Yes
MATH40238 Transition Mathematics 1 External A No
MATH40239 Transition Mathematics 1 External B No
MATH40242 Transition Maths IA EXT No
MATH40243 Transition Maths IB EXT No
MATH40244 Transition Mathematics 2 A Yes
MATH40245 Transition Mathematics 2 B Yes
MATH40246 Transition Mathematics 1 External A Yes
MATH40247 Transition Mathematics 1 External B Yes
MATH40248 Lift Mathematics Yes
MBIO13007 Microbial Ecology Yes
MBIO19003 Introductory Microbiology Yes
MBIO19004 Humans, Microbes and Disease Yes
MDCL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MDCL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MDCL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
MDWF20001 Professional Midwifery Studies No
MDWF20002 Care of the Well Childbearing Woman No
MDWF20003 Midwifery Practice A No
MDWF20004 The Challenges of Midwifery Care No
MDWF20005 Midwifery Practice B No
MDWF21001 Introduction to Midwifery Yes
MDWF21002 Midwifery Practice Yes
MDWF21003 Facilitated Midwifery Practice A Yes
MDWF21004 Facilitated Midwifery Practice B Yes
MDWF22001 Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Midwifery Practice Yes
MDWF22002 Birth in Partnership Yes
MDWF22003 Facilitated Midwifery Practice C Yes
MDWF22004 Post Partum and Neonatal Care Continuum Yes
MDWF22005 High Risk Maternal and Newborn Collaborative Care Yes
MDWF22006 Facilitated Midwifery Practice D Yes
MDWF29001 The Contemporary Midwife Yes
MDWF29002 Maternity Research Project Yes
MECH30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MECH30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MECH30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
MGMT11109 Introduction to Management Yes
MGMT11164 Business Analysis & Communication No
MGMT11165 Management Principles Yes
MGMT19103 Logistics Management Yes
MGMT19105 Quality Management Yes
MGMT19106 Supply Chain Management Yes
MGMT19114 Strategic Management Yes
MGMT19118 Procurement and Supply Management Yes
MGMT19119 Supply Chain Storage and Distribution Yes
MGMT19122 Public Sector Procurement Policies and Principles Yes
MGMT19123 Contract Negotiation and Management Yes
MGMT19125 Inventory Management Yes
MGMT19126 Production and Operations Management Yes
MGMT19127 Business Integration Topics No
MGMT19128 Business Integration Topics 1 Yes
MGMT19129 Business Integration Topics 2 No
MGMT20077 Special Topic In Management Yes
MGMT20083 Models of Sustainable Development No
MGMT20085 Operational Analysis and Effectiveness Yes
MGMT20093 Managing in a Dynamic Environment No
MGMT20112 Strategy Development and Initiatives Yes
MGMT20124 People, Work & Organisations Yes
MGMT20125 Leadership and Governance Yes
MGMT20126 Entrepreneurship No
MGMT29001 Strategic Integration No
MGMT29002 Strategic Integration 1 Yes
MGMT29003 Strategic Integration 2 No
MGTR30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
MMST11001 Introduction to Digital Innovation Yes
MMST11002 Web Design Yes
MMST11003 Design Perspectives Yes
MMST11009 Digital Video and Audio Yes
MMST11010 Illustration and Visualisation Yes
MMST11011 Digital Innovation Yes
MMST11012 Web Designing Yes
MMST12009 Web Application Development Yes
MMST12017 Interactive Animation for Games Yes
MMST12019 3D Animation Yes
MMST13015 Collaborative Multimedia Project Part A Yes
MMST13017 Business of Digital Innovation No
MMST13018 Collaborative Multimedia Project Part B Yes
MQPR40001 Masters Qualifying Project (1) No
MQPR40002 Masters Qualifying Project (2) Yes
MRKR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MRKR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MRKR30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
MRKT11028 Interactive and Internet Marketing Yes
MRKT11029 Marketing Yes
MRKT11030 The Marketing Function Yes
MRKT19030 Promotions Management Yes
MRKT19031 Consumer Behaviour Yes
MRKT19034 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Ventures Yes
MRKT19036 Marketing of Service Products Yes
MRKT19037 International Marketing Yes
MRKT19038 Marketing Research Yes
MRKT19040 Marketing Plans Yes
MRKT19049 Customer Relationship Marketing Yes
MRKT19050 Introduction to Retailing No
MRKT20018 Global Marketing Yes
MRKT20019 Marketing Management Yes
MRKT20021 Buyer Behaviour Yes
MRKT20024 Integrated Marketing Communications Yes
MRKT20025 Market Research Yes
MRKT20026 Service Product Marketing Yes
MRKT20027 Internet and Electronic Marketing Yes
MRNS30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MRNS30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MRNS30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
MTHA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MTHA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MTHA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
MTHC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
MTHC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
MTHC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
MUSC10278 Studies in Form/Baroque No
MUSC10279 Studies in Form/Classical No
MUSC10280 Studies In Form/19th Century Yes
MUSC10281 Studies in Form/20th Century Yes
MUSC11049 Jazz and the Blues No
MUSC11379 Digital Media Software & Systems 1 Yes
MUSC11380 Composition: Songwriting and Arranging No
MUSC11381 Midi: Sequencing & Notation No
MUSC11383 Multimedia: Video Music Production No
MUSC11384 Arts in Perspective Yes
MUSC11392 Ensemble 1 No
MUSC11393 Ensemble 2 No
MUSC11394 Music Language Studies 1 No
MUSC11395 Music Language Studies 2 No
MUSC11396 Principal Study 1 No
MUSC11397 Principal Study 2 No
MUSC11399 Sequencing and Sampling No
MUSC11400 Principal Jazz Studios 1 Yes
MUSC11401 Digital Media Software System 2 Yes
MUSC11402 Principal Jazz Studios 2 Yes
MUSC11403 Fundamentals of Sonic Arts and Sound Design Yes
MUSC11404 Popular Music Songwriting No
MUSC11405 Language of Modern Music 1 Yes
MUSC11406 Language of Modern Music 2 Yes
MUSC11407 Performance Studies 1 Yes
MUSC11408 Peformance Studies 2 Yes
MUSC12361 Studies in Form: Contemporary 3 Yes
MUSC12362 Studies in Form: Contemporary 4 Yes
MUSC12375 Studies in Form: Film Music 1 Yes
MUSC12376 Studies in Form: Film Music 2 Yes
MUSC12394 Studies in Form: Contemporary 1 Yes
MUSC12395 Studies in Form: Contemporary 2 Yes
MUSC12397 Ensemble 3 Yes
MUSC12398 Ensemble 4 Yes
MUSC12399 Principal Study 3 Yes
MUSC12400 Principal Study 4 Yes
MUSC12401 Principal Jazz Studios 3 Yes
MUSC12402 Principal Jazz Studios 4 Yes
MUSC12403 Digital Media Software & System 3 No
MUSC12404 Digital Media Software & Systems 4 No
MUSC12405 Musimathics No
MUSC12406 Perceputal Systems & Intermedia 1 No
MUSC12407 Perceptual Systems & Intermedia 2 No
MUSC12408 Language of Modern Music 3 Yes
MUSC12409 Performance Studies 3 Yes
MUSC12410 Performance Studies 4 Yes
MUSC13293 Studio Teaching Methods Yes
MUSC13395 Ensemble 5 Yes
MUSC13396 Ensemble 6 Yes
MUSC13397 Principal Study 5 Yes
MUSC13398 Principal Study 6 Yes
MUSC13399 Live Performance of Digital Music No
MUSC13400 Scoring for Film with Digital Music No
MUSC13402 Principal Jazz Studios 5 Yes
MUSC13403 Principal Jazz Studios 6 Yes
MUSC13404 Digital Media Software & Systems 5 No
MUSC13405 Digital Media Software & Systems 6 No
MUSC13406 Composition and Arranging 1 Yes
MUSC13407 Composition and Arranging 2 Yes
MUSC13408 Performance Studies 5 Yes
MUSC13409 Performance Studies 6 Yes
MUSC13410 Music Business in the New Millennium No
MUSC21001 Jazz Composition 1 No
MUSC21002 Jazz Workshop 1 Yes
MUSC21003 Recording Project 1 Yes

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