Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
MUSC10278 Studies in Form/Baroque No
MUSC10279 Studies in Form/Classical No
MUSC10280 Studies In Form/19th Century Yes
MUSC10281 Studies in Form/20th Century Yes
MUSC11049 Jazz and the Blues No
MUSC11379 Digital Media Software & Systems 1 Yes
MUSC11380 Composition: Songwriting and Arranging No
MUSC11381 Midi: Sequencing & Notation No
MUSC11383 Multimedia: Video Music Production No
MUSC11384 Arts in Perspective Yes
MUSC11392 Ensemble 1 No
MUSC11393 Ensemble 2 No
MUSC11394 Music Language Studies 1 No
MUSC11395 Music Language Studies 2 No
MUSC11396 Principal Study 1 No
MUSC11397 Principal Study 2 No
MUSC11399 Sequencing and Sampling No
MUSC11400 Principal Jazz Studios 1 Yes
MUSC11401 Digital Media Software System 2 Yes
MUSC11402 Principal Jazz Studios 2 Yes
MUSC11403 Fundamentals of Sonic Arts and Sound Design Yes
MUSC11404 Popular Music Songwriting No
MUSC11405 Language of Modern Music 1 Yes
MUSC11406 Language of Modern Music 2 Yes
MUSC11407 Performance Studies 1 Yes
MUSC11408 Peformance Studies 2 Yes
MUSC12361 Studies in Form: Contemporary 3 Yes
MUSC12362 Studies in Form: Contemporary 4 Yes
MUSC12375 Studies in Form: Film Music 1 Yes
MUSC12376 Studies in Form: Film Music 2 Yes
MUSC12394 Studies in Form: Contemporary 1 Yes
MUSC12395 Studies in Form: Contemporary 2 Yes
MUSC12397 Ensemble 3 Yes
MUSC12398 Ensemble 4 Yes
MUSC12399 Principal Study 3 Yes
MUSC12400 Principal Study 4 Yes
MUSC12401 Principal Jazz Studios 3 Yes
MUSC12402 Principal Jazz Studios 4 Yes
MUSC12403 Digital Media Software & System 3 No
MUSC12404 Digital Media Software & Systems 4 No
MUSC12405 Musimathics No
MUSC12406 Perceputal Systems & Intermedia 1 No
MUSC12407 Perceptual Systems & Intermedia 2 No
MUSC12408 Language of Modern Music 3 Yes
MUSC12409 Performance Studies 3 Yes
MUSC12410 Performance Studies 4 Yes
MUSC13293 Studio Teaching Methods Yes
MUSC13395 Ensemble 5 Yes
MUSC13396 Ensemble 6 Yes
MUSC13397 Principal Study 5 Yes
MUSC13398 Principal Study 6 Yes
MUSC13399 Live Performance of Digital Music No
MUSC13400 Scoring for Film with Digital Music No
MUSC13402 Principal Jazz Studios 5 Yes
MUSC13403 Principal Jazz Studios 6 Yes
MUSC13404 Digital Media Software & Systems 5 No
MUSC13405 Digital Media Software & Systems 6 No
MUSC13406 Composition and Arranging 1 Yes
MUSC13407 Composition and Arranging 2 Yes
MUSC13408 Performance Studies 5 Yes
MUSC13409 Performance Studies 6 Yes
MUSC13410 Music Business in the New Millennium No
MUSC21001 Jazz Composition 1 No
MUSC21002 Jazz Workshop 1 Yes
MUSC21003 Recording Project 1 Yes

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