Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
EDED20471 E-Learning Yes
CREA11008 E-Learning Management Yes
EDED20454 e.Learning Futures No
EDEC13027 Early Childhood Education and Care Settings Yes
PHYG13004 Earth Science No
BIOL13031 Ecology A Yes
SOCL20059 Ecology, Culture and Politics Yes
ECON20023 Economics for Business Yes
ECON19035 Economics of Electronic Commerce No
EDED20468 Education for the Global Economy Yes
NURS20129 Education in Non-Formal Settings Yes
EDED20485 Education Technology Yes
EDED20469 Education Theories & Philosophies No
EDED20470 Educational Leadership Yes
ENEE12014 Electrical Circuit Analysis Yes
ENAE12001 Electrical Components and Modelling Yes
ENAE12006 Electrical Machines and Drives Yes
ENEE12015 Electrical Power Engineering Yes
ENAE12007 Electrical Power Systems Yes
ENAE12008 Electrical Power Systems Modelling Yes
ENAE12009 Electrical Services and Protection No
ENTM12007 Electrical Technology Yes
ENAE12005 Electrical/Electronic Circuit Computations Yes
ECOM13003 Electronic Commerce No
ECOM20004 Electronic Commerce - A Global Perspective No
ECOM20009 Electronic Commerce Project Part A Yes
ECOM20010 Electronic Commerce Project Part B Yes
ENEE14004 Electronic Communications Yes
ENAE12012 Electronic Devices & Applications Yes
HLTH29030 Electronic Health Records & Standards Yes
ENAE12010 Electronic Information Processing No
ENML21003 Elements of Mine Design No
ENEE14003 Embedded Microcontrollers Yes
EDFE11015 Embedded Professional Learning 1 Yes
EDFE11036 Embedded Professional Learning 1 (Secondary) Yes
EDFE11037 Embedded Professional Learning 1 (VET) Yes
EDFE12039 Embedded Professional Learning 2 Yes
EDFE12036 Embedded Professional Learning 2 (Secondary) Yes
EDFE12041 Embedded Professional Learning 2 (VET) Yes
EDFE13017 Embedded Professional Learning 3 Yes
EDFE13031 Embedded Professional Learning 3 (Secondary) Yes
EDFE13030 Embedded Professional Learning 3 (VET) Yes
EDFE14018 Embedded Professional Learning 4 Yes
EDFE14019 Embedded Professional Learning 4 (Secondary) Yes
EDFE13027 Embedded Professional Learning 5 - Internship Yes
MATH40090 Enabling Mathematics No
ENAG11002 Energy & Electricity Yes
ENML21007 Energy & Minerals in Society No
CHEM12020 Energy and Reactivity No
ENEM14011 Energy Conversion Yes
ENRG21008 Energy Management No
ENRG21009 Energy Trade Fundamentals No
ENEG12003 Engineering Project Management Yes
ENEG12002 Engineering Design Yes
ENAG11001 Engineering Drafting Yes
ENAM12003 Engineering Fluids Yes
MATH11218 Engineering Foundation Mathematics Yes
ENAG11003 Engineering Materials Yes
MATH12222 Engineering Mathematical Applications Yes
MATH11219 Engineering Mathematics Yes
MATH12178 Engineering Mathematics III No
PHYS11184 Engineering Physics A Yes
PHYS11185 Engineering Physics B Yes
ENEG14002 Engineering Project Implementation Yes
ENEG14003 Engineering Project Planning Yes
ENEG11001 Engineering Skills 1 Yes
ENEG11002 Engineering Skills 2 Yes
STAT13034 Engineering Statistics No
LNGC11001 English Communication Yes
EDCU14019 English Curriculum and Pedagogy Yes
CQUN41020 English for Acad Purposes 1A Yes
CQUN41019 English for Acad Purposes 1B Yes
CQUN41015 English for Acad Purposes 2A Yes
CQUN41014 English for Acad Purposes 2B Yes
CQUN41008 English for Acad Purposes 3A Yes
CQUN41003 English for Acad Purposes 3B Yes
LNGC40055 English for Academic Purposes Yes
LNGE40050 English for Tertiary Studies No
LNGE40057 English Studies (36) A No
LNGE40058 English Studies (36) B No
MUSC11392 Ensemble 1 No
MUSC11393 Ensemble 2 No
MUSC12397 Ensemble 3 Yes
MUSC12398 Ensemble 4 Yes
MUSC13395 Ensemble 5 Yes
MUSC13396 Ensemble 6 Yes
EDED11405 Ensuring Student Success Yes
COIS12073 Enterprise Systems Yes
MGMT20126 Entrepreneurship No
CREA11003 Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Yes
MRKT19034 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and New Ventures Yes
HLTH11015 Environment and Health No
EVST19007 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Yes
CHEM19085 Environmental Chemistry Yes
ECON19031 Environmental Economics Yes
ENTC13011 Environmental Engineering Yes
ENEV20008 Environmental Engineering (CU15) Yes
ENVH12002 Environmental Health Law Yes
ENVH13001 Environmental Health Practicum Yes
ENVH13002 Environmental Health Risk Management Yes
EVST19008 Environmental Management Yes
EVST19020 Environmental Management Systems Yes
EVST21018 Environmental Management research Project A Yes
EVST21019 Environmental Management Research Project B Yes
EVST20021 Environmental Management Systems & Sustainable Development Yes
ZOOL13015 Environmental Physiology of Animals Yes
ENEV20005 Environmental Planning and Economics Yes
EVST20003 Environmental Risk Management Yes
SOCL19057 Environmental Sociology Yes
HLPB12002 Epidemiology No
PHYS19102 Essay Yes
CHEM20065 Essential Chemical Sciences Yes
CHEM11008 Essential Principles of Chemical Sciences Yes
STAT11048 Essential Statistics Yes
STAT11049 Essential Statistics 1 Yes
ENML21008 Establishing Sustainability Indicators No
ENSD21001 Establishing Systems Strategies No
ENMM20011 Establishing the Maintenance Strategy Yes
FINC19018 Estate and Succession Planning Yes
SOWK13006 Ethical Social Work Practice Yes
PSYC20035 Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology Yes
PSYC14050 Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology Yes
COIT11223 Ethics and Social Issues Yes
DNCE12009 Ethnic,Indigenous and Multinational Dance Steps Yes
HLTH20007 Evaluating Health Services Yes
TOUR19021 Events, Leisure & Entertainment No
TOUR11021 Events, Leisure & Entertainment Yes
NURS21152 Evidence Based Practice Yes
RSTH30001 Examination-Research and Thesis Yes
HMSC12007 Exercise and Work Physiology Yes
STAT12051 Experimental Design and Analysis No
PERF13016 Experimental Theatre Yes
CULT19015 Explorations in the Gothic No

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