Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
CQUN41011 Calculus Mathematics Yes
EDED12445 Capacity Building in Class Room Pedagogy No
MDWF20002 Care of the Well Childbearing Woman No
SWHS21002 Casework and family work in human services Yes
EDEC12027 Challenges of Early Childhood Education Yes
CHEM19074 Chemistry Honours A Yes
CHEM19075 Chemistry Honours B Yes
CHEM19081 Chemistry Honours P/T A1 No
CHEM19082 Chemistry Honours P/T A2 No
CHEM19083 Chemistry Honours P/T B1 No
CHEM19084 Chemistry Honours P/T B2 No
ZOOL19002 Chordate Zoology Yes
ENTC12004 Civil Construction Yes
EVST19022 Climate Change: Global Challenges and Opportunities Yes
PSYC21007 Clinic Team I No
PSYC21008 Clinic Team II No
PSYC22005 Clinic Team III No
PSYC22006 Clinic Team IV No
BMED19003 Clinical Biochemistry Yes
BMED19006 Clinical Dietetics Yes
NURS11143 Clinical Nursing Practice No
BMED19012 Clinical Pathology Yes
NURS21154 Clinical Project 1 Yes
NURS21155 Clinical Project 2 Yes
NURS21156 Clinical Project 3 Yes
ENEA14007 Co-Op Dissertation Yes
ENAR12011 Coal Technology Yes
MARN13007 Coastal Marine Resources Yes
EDED20477 Cognition, Psychology & Simulation Yes
PSYC13016 Cognitive Psychology Yes
MMST13015 Collaborative Multimedia Project Part A Yes
MMST13018 Collaborative Multimedia Project Part B Yes
JALC10004 Colloquial Communication in Japanese Yes
JAZZ11001 Commercial Ensemble for Performance 2 No
LAWS11054 Commercial Law No
LAWS19031 Commercial Law Yes
CREA12005 Commercialisation and Growth Yes
COMM11108 Communication and Democracy in Australia Yes
CREA11002 Communication and the Digital Age Yes
COMM40054 Communication And Thought Yes
FAHE12001 Communication in the Digital Age Yes
COMM40105 Communication Pathways Yes
COMM13110 Communication Project A Yes
COMM13111 Communication Project B Yes
CQUN41002 Communication Skills Yes
NURS21153 Communication Skills for Advanced Professional Practice Yes
SOWK20005 Communities: Social Policy, Planning and Action Overview Yes
SOCL19066 Community Analysis Yes
PERF11021 Community Arts No
ENEV22005 Community Engagement and Conflict Resolution Yes
CREA12004 Community Enterprises Yes
CREA11009 Community Industries Yes
HLTH11028 Community Needs Assessment Yes
LAWS19032 Company & Association Law Yes
HRMT19022 Comparative Employment Relations Yes
ZOOL13003 Comparative Physiology No
EDED13431 Competence in English Yes
HLTH13018 Complementary Health Care No
NURS13112 Complex Nursing Yes
MUSC13406 Composition and Arranging 1 Yes
MUSC13407 Composition and Arranging 2 Yes
MUSC11380 Composition: Songwriting and Arranging No
ENTG11001 Computer Aided Drafting Yes
ENAC12004 Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Civil) Yes
ENTM12005 Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Mechanical) Yes
ENAE12002 Computer Aided Drafting Design (Electrical/Electronic) Yes
COIT13226 Computer Graphics No
COIT23002 Computer Graphics Yes
ENCO11005 Computer Hardware Fundamentals Yes
COIT40226 Computer Skills for Higher Education Yes
COIT40218 Computers For Academic Report Writing No
ENMM20019 Computers in Maintenance No
COIT40212 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing Flex A Yes
COIT40213 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing Flex B Yes
COIT40204 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing No
COIT40206 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing Yes
COIT40216 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External A No
COIT40207 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing A Yes
COIT40208 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing B Yes
COIT40227 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External A Yes
COIT40228 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External B Yes
COIT40217 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External B No
COIT13151 Computing Project No
COIT19209 Computing Project Part A Yes
COIT19210 Computing Project Part B Yes
COIT11224 Computing Systems Yes
COIT11229 Computing Systems 1 Yes
PHYS12074 Concepts of Astronomy Yes
MATH21001 Conceptual Foundations Yes
COIT11118 Conceptual Foundations of Computing Yes
COIT11232 Conceptual Foundations of Computing 1 Yes
CREA13001 Conceptual Thinking Yes
ENEC14013 Concrete Structures Yes
EDED20481 Conferences and Events Yes
GEOG11024 Conservation in Australia Yes
BLCN11033 Construction 1 Yes
BLAR11048 Construction 2 Yes
BLAR13049 Construction 3 Yes
BLAR13047 Construction Economics 1 Yes
BLCN13034 Construction Economics 2 Yes
BLCN12035 Construction Management 1 Yes
BLCN14036 Construction Management 2 Yes
BLCN14019 Construction Management Project II Yes
BLCN12020 Construction Management Work Experience 1 Yes
BLCN13021 Construction Management Work Experience 2 Yes
BLCN12037 Construction Planning Yes
MRKT19031 Consumer Behaviour Yes
LITR19057 Contemporary Australian Literature No
COMM11009 Contemporary Communication Skills No
INDG19016 Contemporary Indigenous Issues Yes
NURS13114 Contemporary Issues in Nursing Yes
HRMT19016 Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies Yes
COMM12116 Contemporary Photomedia Yes
SOWK13008 Contemporary Social Policy Yes
BLAR12050 Contract Documentation Yes
MGMT19123 Contract Negotiation and Management Yes
ENEE14001 Control Systems Yes
ENAE12003 Control Technology Yes
ACCT19061 Corporate Accounting Yes
ACCT19083 Corporate Governance & Ethics Yes
LAWS20029 Corporate Law Yes
BLCN13038 Cost Planning and Control Yes
HLTH12027 Counselling for Health Professionals No
HUMT20012 Coursework A Yes
HUMT20013 Coursework B Yes
HUMT20014 Coursework C Yes
HUMT20015 Coursework D Yes
RAIL29004 CPD1 Signalling and Safe Railway Operation Yes
RAIL29013 CPD10 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 2 Yes
RAIL29005 CPD2 Signalling Principles Yes
RAIL29006 CPD3 Signalling the Layout Yes
RAIL29007 CPD4 Signalling Applications Engineering Yes
RAIL29008 CPD5 Signalling Systems, Management & Engineering Yes
RAIL29009 CPD6 Signalling Research/Investigation Project Yes
RAIL29010 CPD7 - Railway Telecommunications Yes
RAIL29011 CPD8 - Railway Signalling Project Definition & Planning Yes
RAIL29012 CPD9 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 1 Yes
EDED20432 Creating Futures Yes
DNCE12014 Creating New Shapes of Dance No
EDED21001 Creative Arts Administration Yes
EDED21004 Creative Arts Portfolio Yes
THTR12064 Creative Drama No
CREA11006 Creative Enterprises Yes
EDED21002 Creative Industries Yes
CREA11001 Creative Industries Yes
FILM19001 Creative Visualisation Yes
WRIT11023 Creative Writing 1: Fundamentals of Writing No
WRIT19015 Creative Writing I Yes
WRIT19016 Creative Writing II Yes
WRIT11024 Creative Writing II: Writing Beyond the Page No
EDED10418 Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Yes
SOCL19072 Criminality, Deviance and Social Control Yes
EDED20433 Critical Foresight Yes
EDED21003 Critical Thinking in Arts Administration Yes
PSYC13018 Cross-Cultural Psychology Yes
CULT12004 Cultural and Media Identity Yes
EDED40351 Culture And Learning Yes
EDED20488 Curriculum in Secondary Yes
MRKT19049 Customer Relationship Marketing Yes

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