Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
EVST20002 Land Management and Rehabilitation Yes
EVST20001 Land Management and Rehabilitation (CU15) No
LNGE40038 Language & Learning No
LNGE40054 Language & Learning A Yes
LNGE40053 Language & Learning External B No
LNGE40039 Language & Learning For Steps Part-Time No
LNGE40049 Language and Learning Yes
LNGE40056 Language and Learning B Yes
LNGE40052 Language and Learning External A No
LNGE40059 Language and Learning External A Yes
LNGE40060 Language and Learning External B Yes
LNGE40040 Language and Learning Flex A Yes
LNGE40041 Language and Learning Flex B Yes
LNGE40048 Language and Learning IA No
LNGE40055 Language and Learning STEPS P/T A No
MUSC11405 Language of Modern Music 1 Yes
MUSC11406 Language of Modern Music 2 Yes
MUSC12408 Language of Modern Music 3 Yes
OCHS20031 Law and Management of Occupational Health and Safety Yes
OCHS12015 Law and Management of Occupational Health and Safety CQ26 Yes
LAWS11046 Law and the Environment Yes
LAWS11045 Law and Welfare of Society A Yes
LAWS11048 Law and Welfare of Society B Yes
LAWS20037 Law for Management No
LAWS20042 Law of Electronic Commerce and the Internet No
EDED13432 Leadership & Culture in Independent Schools No
MGMT20125 Leadership and Governance Yes
CREA12003 Leadership and Teamwork Yes
EDED20420 Leading Change in Education and Training No
EDED20452 Learners of English as a Foreign Language Yes
PSYC13022 Learning Yes
EDED40352 Learning Abroad Yes
EDED20487 Learning and Pedagogy in Secondary Yes
EDED11353 Learning Management 1 Yes
EDED11398 Learning Management 2 Yes
EDED11356 Learning Management 3 Yes
EDED11399 Learning Management 4 Yes
EDED11404 Learning Management 5 Yes
EDED20479 Learning Needs Analysis & Simulation Yes
JALC19001 Learning with Japanese University Yes
NURS12144 Legal Issues in Health Care Yes
LNGE40062 Lift Academic Writing Yes
COIT40229 Lift Computing Skills Yes
MATH40248 Lift Mathematics Yes
SKIL40025 Lift Study Skills in the Tertiary Environment Yes
MATH12173 Linear Algebra No
EDED20458 Literacy and Numeracy Yes
EDCU13016 Literacy In the Classroom Yes
LITR19051 Literary Theory Yes
HMSC19027 Literature, Research and Policy Analysis No
MUSC13399 Live Performance of Digital Music No
BIOL11099 Living Systems Yes
HIST19036 Local History & Heritage Yes
MGMT19103 Logistics Management Yes
LOTE11035 LOTE Curriculum and Pedagogy No

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