Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
EDCU40031 Science And Culture Contexts Yes
ENVR20001 Science and the Environment Yes
SCIE11021 Science Concepts Yes
EDCU11020 Science Curriculum & Pedagogy Yes
LITR19047 Science Fiction and Film Yes
SCIE11020 Science Principles Yes
SOCL11058 Science Technology and Society Yes
COMM29113 Sciences Communication Dissertation A Yes
COMM29114 Sciences Communication Dissertation B Yes
COMM29115 Sciences Communication Dissertation C Yes
SCIE40014 Scientific & Technical Communication No
SCIE40017 Scientific and Technical Report Writing No
CQUN41009 Scientific Principles Yes
MUSC13400 Scoring for Film with Digital Music No
COMM12023 Screen Studies Yes
EDED11450 Second Language Teaching Methodologies Yes
LOTE11011 Second Language Teaching Methodologies No
ECOM20002 Security, Ethics and Electronic Commerce Systems Yes
EDSE12013 Senior Phase Pedagogy Yes
MUSC11399 Sequencing and Sampling No
MRKT20026 Service Product Marketing Yes
CULT19013 Sexualities and Representation Yes
LITR19056 Shakespeare: The Movie Yes
ENEE13017 Signal Processing Systems No
SOWK19020 Soc Work Crim Justice Sys No
SOWK19014 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac IIA Yes
SOWK19015 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac IIB Yes
SOWK19017 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac IIIB Yes
SOWK19018 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac IVA Yes
SOWK19019 Soc Wrk Theory & Prac IVB Yes
ENEV22006 Social and Economic Impact Assessment Yes
PSYC11009 Social Foundations of Psychology Yes
SWHS22002 Social Policy Analysis Yes
PSYC12014 Social Psychology Yes
SOCL19069 Social Research Methods Yes
SOCL19078 Social Sciences Research Topic A Yes
SOCL19079 Social Sciences Research Topic B Yes
SOCL19076 Social Sciences Research Topic-Single Semester Yes
SOWK19021 Social Work and Mental Health Yes
SOWK11010 Social Work Skills & Methods A Yes
SOWK11011 Social Work Skills & Methods B Yes
SOWK19016 Social Work Theory and Practice IIIA Yes
CULT11017 Society and Environment Yes
COIS12031 Software Design and Programming No
COIT23004 Software Engineering Yes
COIT24001 Software Engineering Project No
COIT11221 Software Fundamentals No
ENEC13010 Solid Mechanics Yes
PHYS13072 Solid State Physics Yes
TOUR19016 Special Interest Tourism No
FAHE13002 Special Project Yes
GENE20116 Special Project (Cu15) No
FAHE13003 Special Topic Yes
MATH13176 Special Topic A Yes
COIT13148 Special Topic A (Computing) Yes
COIT13149 Special Topic B (Computing) No
MGMT20077 Special Topic In Management Yes
PSYC13021 Special Topic in Psychology No
OCHS21027 Special Topics in Health Yes
COMM12119 Speech and Script No
COMM12033 Speech Communication Yes
HMSC12017 Sport and Exercise Psychology Yes
HMSC12010 Sport Management Yes
HMSC13025 Sport Marketing Yes
HMSC12011 Sport Planning and Development Yes
THTR11118 Stagecraft 1 Yes
THTR11119 Stagecraft 2 No
THTR11063 Staging Australia No
PERF12015 Staging Contemporary Issues No
THTR11065 Staging Performance No
PHYS13192 Stars, Planets & Galaxies No
SOCL19071 State, Ethnicity and Gender Yes
ENEM12007 Statics & Dynamics Yes
STAT12025 Statistics No
NURS19117 Statistics and Epidemiology No
STAT20028 Statistics for Analytical Decisions Yes
STAT12030 Statistics for Health Science No
PROP19001 Statutory Valuation Yes
ENAC12002 Steel and Concrete Design Yes
ENEC13011 Steel Structures Yes
THTR21001 Storytelling as Dramaturgy No
ACCT20047 Strategic Cost Management Yes
MGMT29001 Strategic Integration No
MGMT29002 Strategic Integration 1 Yes
MGMT29003 Strategic Integration 2 No
MGMT19114 Strategic Management Yes
MGMT20112 Strategy Development and Initiatives Yes
ENEC14014 Structural and Geotechnical Design No
BLAR12054 Structural Design Processes Yes
BLAR11032 Structural Forms & Analysis Yes
ENAR12002 Structural Geology and Mineral Sampling Yes
COIT29222 Structured Programming Yes
MUSC10280 Studies In Form/19th Century Yes
MUSC10281 Studies in Form/20th Century Yes
MUSC10278 Studies in Form/Baroque No
MUSC10279 Studies in Form/Classical No
THTR10037 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 2 Yes
THTR10038 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 3 No
THTR10039 Studies in Form/Music Theatre 4 No
THTR10036 Studies in Form/Music Theatre I Yes
MUSC12376 Studies in Form: Film Music 2 Yes
MUSC12394 Studies in Form: Contemporary 1 Yes
MUSC12395 Studies in Form: Contemporary 2 Yes
MUSC12361 Studies in Form: Contemporary 3 Yes
MUSC12362 Studies in Form: Contemporary 4 Yes
MUSC12375 Studies in Form: Film Music 1 Yes
JAZZ10016 Studies in Form: Jazz 2 No
MUSC13293 Studio Teaching Methods Yes
HMSC11034 Study Skills for Health and Human Performance Yes
WRIT11022 Stylistics and Creative Writing II No
EDED20417 Supervised Reading for Innovators No
MGMT19106 Supply Chain Management Yes
MGMT19119 Supply Chain Storage and Distribution Yes
EDED20455 Supportive Learning Environments Yes
ENAR12001 Surface Mining Yes
ENTC13016 Surveying Yes
ENAR12005 Surveying and Mapping Yes
EDCU12014 Sustainable Communities (SOSE) Yes
ENEV22003 Sustainable Decentralised Systems No
ENAG12001 Sustainable Technology and the Environment Yes
COIT12120 System Simulation No
COIT13146 Systems Administration Yes
COIT11166 Systems Analysis and Design No
COIT11231 Systems Development 1 Yes
COIT11226 Systems Development A Yes
COIT12200 Systems Development B Yes
COIS20025 Systems Development Overview Yes
COIT12169 Systems Implementation No
COIT13225 Systems Integration No
COIS20024 Systems Management Overview Yes

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