Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
DNCE13011 Dance and Multimedia Installation No
DNCE12010 Dance in Music Theatre No
DNCE11013 Dance in Time & Culture No
DNCE13015 Dancers as Artists Yes
ENCO20006 Data Acquisition And Interfacing No
STAT12032 Data Analysis No
ENEE14002 Data Communication Networks Yes
COIT11225 Data Communications Yes
COIT12170 Data Communications No
COIT11230 Data Communications 1 Yes
CQUN41006 Data Management Yes
COIS20078 Data Mining Yes
GEOG19022 Data Visualisation Yes
COIT13143 Database Application Development Yes
COIS20026 Database Development and Management Yes
COIT12167 Database Use and Design Yes
ACCT11080 Decision Accounting Yes
HLTH20034 Decision Support in Health Care Yes
BLAR13051 Design Documentation Yes
EDVT11019 Design in VET 1 Yes
EDED20457 Design of Pedagogy Yes
EDVT13019 Design of VET 2 Yes
MMST11003 Design Perspectives Yes
EDED11442 Designing for Optimal Outcomes in Education No
COMM12030 Desktop Publishing Yes
TOUR19020 Destination Marketing No
ECOM20007 Developing E-Commerce Solutions Yes
PSYC13019 Developmental Psychology Yes
MATH12171 Differential Equations Yes
ENEE13013 Digital and Analogue Electronics Yes
CQUN41007 Digital Communication Yes
DGTL11004 Digital Design and Communication Yes
MMST11011 Digital Innovation Yes
MUSC12403 Digital Media Software & System 3 No
MUSC11379 Digital Media Software & Systems 1 Yes
MUSC12404 Digital Media Software & Systems 4 No
MUSC13404 Digital Media Software & Systems 5 No
MUSC13405 Digital Media Software & Systems 6 No
MUSC11401 Digital Media Software System 2 Yes
COIS20027 Digital Telecommunications and Networks Yes
MMST11009 Digital Video and Audio Yes
EDED21008 Dimensions of University Teaching No
ENTA11001 Dir Learn A No
LNGC40054 Direct Entry English for Academic Purposes Yes
ENTA11002 Directed Learning B No
ENTA11003 Directed Learning C Yes
ENTA11004 Directed Learning D Yes
BUSN19018 Directed Study No
BUSN29020 Directed Study (Post Graduate) No
MATH11165 Discrete Mathematics No
NURS12140 Disease Management and Control Yes
BUSN19008 Dissertation Yes
BUSN19015 Dissertation A (Part-Time) Yes
BUSN19016 Dissertation B (Part-Time) Yes
COIS20075 Dissertation Part A No
COIS20076 Dissertation Part B No
COIT23005 Distributed Systems Yes
ENAR12007 Drilling & Fragmentation Yes
CHEM12018 Drug Discovery Yes
NURS12128 Drugs in Society Yes
ENAM12004 Dynamics Yes

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