Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
LAWS19033 Taxation Law and Practice A Yes
LAWS19034 Taxation Law and Practice B Yes
EDCU19018 Teaching & Learning Religion in a Catholic School Yes
EDED19336 Teaching About the Living World No
EDED19341 Teaching about the Natural World No
EDED12335 Teaching and Coaching Games and Sports Yes
EDED12334 Teaching Aquatics Yes
EDED20450 Teaching English as a Foreign Language Yes
EDVT11021 Teaching Food Technology Yes
EDED11328 Teaching Health and Fitness Yes
EDED11406 Teaching Reading Yes
EDVT11022 Teaching Textile Technology No
HMSC12026 Teaching, Learning and Health Promotion Yes
CREA11004 Teamwork and Leadership Yes
COMM11111 Technical and Professional Communication Yes
EDCU11023 Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy Yes
MATH11160 Technology Mathematics Yes
ENTG13001 Technology Project Implementation Yes
ENTG13002 Technology Project Planning Yes
COMM12022 Technology, Communication and Culture Yes
EDED20451 TEFL Curriculum Design Yes
JOUR12008 Television Journalism No
BOTN19001 Terrestrial Botany Yes
SKIL40013 Tertiary Preparation Skills Yes
SKIL40016 Tertiary Preparation Skills Extended Yes
SKIL40023 Tertiary Preparation Skills External A Yes
SKIL40017 Tertiary Preparation Skills External A No
SKIL40024 Tertiary Preparation Skills External B Yes
SKIL40018 Tertiary Preparation Skills External B No
SKIL40007 Tertiary Preparation Skills Flex A Yes
SKIL40008 Tertiary Preparation Skills Flex B Yes
EDED20484 Tertiary Teaching and Learning Yes
EDCU11021 The Arts Yes
SOCL19081 The Body Sexuality and Society Yes
THTR21002 The Broadway Musical No
MDWF20004 The Challenges of Midwifery Care No
EDEC11024 The Contemporary Child No
MDWF29001 The Contemporary Midwife Yes
FAHE13004 The Global Future Yes
MRKT11030 The Marketing Function Yes
LITR19052 The Modern Novel No
HIST11038 The Modern World Emerges: An Overview Yes
NURS13113 The Psychiatric Consumer Yes
EDED20289 The Research Process Yes
LITR11043 The Short Story Yes
HIST19030 The USA in Contemporary World History Yes
THTR11120 Theatre Studies 1 Yes
THTR11121 Theatre Studies 2 Yes
THTR12118 Theatre Studies 3 No
THTR12119 Theatre Studies 4 No
THTR13120 Theatre Studies 5 No
THTR13121 Theatre Studies 6 No
SOCL20077 Theories and Concepts of Sustainable Development Yes
ACCT29083 Theory of Accounting Yes
PSYC21003 Therapy 1: Theory, Research, Practice No
PSYC21004 Therapy II: Theory, Research, Practice No
ENAM12005 Thermal Energy Plant Yes
ENEM13014 Thermodynamics Yes
ENEM14014 Thermofluid Engineering Yes
HMSC19032 Thesis A Yes
HMSC19033 Thesis B No
PSYC22003 Thesis I No
PSYC22004 Thesis II No
EVST19021 Thinking Systemically & Sustainably Yes
EVST20009 Thinking Systemically and Sustainably Yes
CREA12001 Tomorrow's Technology Today Yes
STAT12049 Total Quality Management & Statistical Process Control (TQM & SPC) No
TOUR19019 Tourism Business Development Yes
BLSV14017 Town Planning and Control No
ENEC14015 Traffic Engineering Yes
MATH40228 Transition Mathematics + Yes
MATH40237 Transition Mathematics 1 Yes
MATH40238 Transition Mathematics 1 External A No
MATH40246 Transition Mathematics 1 External A Yes
MATH40239 Transition Mathematics 1 External B No
MATH40247 Transition Mathematics 1 External B Yes
MATH40230 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex A Yes
MATH40231 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex B Yes
MATH40232 Transition Mathematics 1A Yes
MATH40233 Transition Mathematics 1B Yes
MATH40244 Transition Mathematics 2 A Yes
MATH40245 Transition Mathematics 2 B Yes
MATH40087 Transition Maths I Yes
MATH40088 Transition Maths I (Mid Year) No
MATH40227 Transition Maths I MLC No
MATH40236 Transition Maths IA No
MATH40242 Transition Maths IA EXT No
MATH40243 Transition Maths IB EXT No
MATH40229 Transition Maths II Yes
MATH40089 Transition Maths II (Mid Year) No
NURS13116 Transition to Professional Practice Yes
ENEC13012 Transportation Engineering Design Yes
ENMM20018 Turnaround Management Yes

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