Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
COIT11118 Conceptual Foundations of Computing Yes
COIT11133 Programming Fundamentals No
COIT11134 Java Programming Yes
COIT11166 Systems Analysis and Design No
COIT11221 Software Fundamentals No
COIT11222 Visual Programming Yes
COIT11223 Ethics and Social Issues Yes
COIT11224 Computing Systems Yes
COIT11225 Data Communications Yes
COIT11226 Systems Development A Yes
COIT11227 Professional Issues Yes
COIT11228 Visual Programming 1 Yes
COIT11229 Computing Systems 1 Yes
COIT11230 Data Communications 1 Yes
COIT11231 Systems Development 1 Yes
COIT11232 Conceptual Foundations of Computing 1 Yes
COIT12120 System Simulation No
COIT12137 Objects and Data Structures Yes
COIT12140 Object-Oriented Programming No
COIT12144 Algorithms and Data Structures No
COIT12167 Database Use and Design Yes
COIT12168 Analysis and Specification No
COIT12169 Systems Implementation No
COIT12170 Data Communications No
COIT12200 Systems Development B Yes
COIT13122 Machine Intelligence No
COIT13132 Professional Issues No
COIT13143 Database Application Development Yes
COIT13146 Systems Administration Yes
COIT13147 Networks Yes
COIT13148 Special Topic A (Computing) Yes
COIT13149 Special Topic B (Computing) No
COIT13151 Computing Project No
COIT13152 Operating Systems Yes
COIT13211 Information Security Yes
COIT13221 Industry Placement Part A Yes
COIT13222 Industry Placement Part B Yes
COIT13223 Bioinformatics Project No
COIT13224 Internet Application Development Yes
COIT13225 Systems Integration No
COIT13226 Computer Graphics No
COIT13227 Applied Data Mining No
COIT13229 Applied Distributed Systems Yes
COIT19171 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis A Yes
COIT19172 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis B Yes
COIT19173 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis C Yes
COIT19174 Informatics Topic A Yes
COIT19176 Informatics Topic B Yes
COIT19209 Computing Project Part A Yes
COIT19210 Computing Project Part B Yes
COIT20223 Operating Systems Fundamentals No
COIT20224 Operating Systems Administration No
COIT20225 Object-Oriented Programming Techniques No
COIT21002 Bioinformatics for Managers No
COIT23001 Object Oriented Principles Yes
COIT23002 Computer Graphics Yes
COIT23003 Games Development Yes
COIT23004 Software Engineering Yes
COIT23005 Distributed Systems Yes
COIT24001 Software Engineering Project No
COIT29222 Structured Programming Yes
COIT40127 Introductory Computing Skills No
COIT40204 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing No
COIT40206 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing Yes
COIT40207 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing A Yes
COIT40208 Computing For Academic Assignment Writing B Yes
COIT40212 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing Flex A Yes
COIT40213 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing Flex B Yes
COIT40216 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External A No
COIT40217 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External B No
COIT40218 Computers For Academic Report Writing No
COIT40226 Computer Skills for Higher Education Yes
COIT40227 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External A Yes
COIT40228 Computing for Academic Assignment Writing External B Yes
COIT40229 Lift Computing Skills Yes

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