Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
MDWF21003 Facilitated Midwifery Practice A Yes
MDWF22006 Facilitated Midwifery Practice D Yes
MDWF21004 Facilitated Midwifery Practice B Yes
MDWF22003 Facilitated Midwifery Practice C Yes
NURS12143 Family and Community Health Yes
JOUR12010 Feature Writing Yes
SOWK13002 Field Education and Fieldwork I Yes
SOWK14003 Field Education and Fieldwork II Yes
ACCT19084 Financial Accounting Yes
ACCT19082 Financial Accounting Theory Yes
FINC20007 Financial Market Analysis Yes
FINC19020 Financial Plan Construction Yes
ENEM14012 Finite Element Analysis Yes
BLSV14016 Fire Engineering and Performance No
BLSV12023 Fire Safety Design Yes
EDED21007 Flexible Learning and Teaching No
ENEM13011 Fluid and Electrical Drive Systems Yes
ENEM12006 Fluid Mechanics Yes
BIOT12001 Food & Plant Biotechnology No
ENVH12001 Food Safety Yes
BMED19007 Forensic Chemistry Yes
JALC10003 Formal and Informal Japanese Communication Yes
ZOOL11005 Foundation Animal Biology No
NURS11147 Foundation Nursing Skills Yes
ZOOL13013 Foundation Parasitology No
BOTN11004 Foundation Plant Biology No
SCIE40018 Foundation Science Yes
DGTL11001 Foundations of Animation Yes
COIS11011 Foundations of Business Computing Yes
HLTH12003 Foundations of Health Information Science No
HLTH11027 Foundations of Health Promotion Yes
INDG11006 Foundations of Indigenous Learning Yes
NURS11146 Foundations of Professional Nursing Yes
PERF11014 From Play to Performance No
BIOL11100 Functional Biology Yes
EDED11332 Fundamental Structures of School Mathematics I No
EDED19333 Fundamental Structures of School Mathematics II No
EDED19329 Fundamental Structures of School Maths I Yes
ENVR11011 Fundamentals of Environmental Science Yes
OCHS12002 Fundamentals of OHS Practice Yes
FINC11001 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning Yes
PSYC11010 Fundamentals of Psychology No
MUSC11403 Fundamentals of Sonic Arts and Sound Design Yes
EDED20435 Futuring Yes

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