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ENEM12006 Fluid Mechanics

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This course introduces the fundamental properties of fluids, analysis of pipe flow and analysis of buoyancy and stability of floating objects. It presents methods of analysing fluid systems using the concept of a control volume combined with the conservation of mass and momentum equations. Students analyse incompressible flows in pipe systems and use similitude and modelling principles and techniques to solve problems in fluid mechanics. Students will prepare technical and laboratory reports using appropriate "mechanical engineering language", and document the process of modelling and analysis. They are required to act professionally in presenting information, communicating, working and learning, both individually and in teams.
Distance education (FLEX) students must have access to a computer and make frequent use of the Internet. FLEX students will be required to attend a residential school.

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Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 6
Requisites: Prereq: [PHYS11182 or PHYS11184] and [PHYS11183 or PHYS11185]
Student Contribution Band: 2
EFTSL: 0.12500
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2009 Term One FLEX GLD MKY ROK
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