Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
EDED20453 ICTs for Learning Management Yes
CQUN41012 Identity and Interaction in Society Yes
MMST11010 Illustration and Visualisation Yes
CULT11012 Image and Text Yes
EDEC11020 Images of Childhood Yes
BMED19005 Immunology Yes
FARM20002 Improving Business and Marketing Systems No
FARM20003 Improving Sustainable Agricultural Production No
HIST11026 In Search of Australia:Historical Perspectives Yes
EDHE40005 Independent Learning Yes
HMSC19030 Independent Study No
NURS11145 Indigenous and Cross Cultural Health Care Yes
MDWF22001 Indigenous and Culturally Diverse Midwifery Practice Yes
INDG40007 Indigenous Australians And Politics Yes
INDG11005 Indigenous Ways of Learning No
PSYC13020 Individual Differences and Assessment Yes
CHEM12017 Industrial Chemistry No
ENAE12004 Industrial Data Communications No
ENTM12006 Industrial Fluid Power Yes
BIOL12050 Industrial Placement Yes
ENPO20003 Industrial Process Management Yes
EDFE11035 Industry Experience 1 Yes
EDFE12040 Industry Experience 2 Yes
EDFE13028 Industry Experience 3 Yes
EDFE13029 Industry Experience 4 Yes
PERF11025 Industry Placement Yes
ENEP11005 Industry Placement 1 Yes
ENEP12006 Industry Placement 2 Yes
HMSC12027 Industry Placement I No
HMSC13026 Industry Placement II No
COIT13221 Industry Placement Part A Yes
COIT13222 Industry Placement Part B Yes
OCHS13007 Industry Practicum Yes
COIT19174 Informatics Topic A Yes
COIT19176 Informatics Topic B Yes
COMM20036 Informatics, Culture and Communication Yes
SKIL40006 Information Literacy And Computing Skills No
COIT13211 Information Security Yes
ECOM20001 Information System Management Yes
COIS13034 Information Systems Management Yes
COIS13037 Information Systems Project A No
COIS13038 Information Systems Project B No
COIS13064 Information Systems Project Management Yes
COIS20008 Information Systems Project Planning and Mgment Yes
COIS13039 Information Systems Special Topic A Yes
COIS13040 Information Systems Special Topic B Yes
BLCN14039 Infrastructure Planning Yes
HRMT20019 Innovation and Change Yes
ENEV22002 Innovative Thinking & Strategies Yes
ZOOL19004 Insect Biology Yes
BLSV12024 Inspection Procedures Yes
CHEM20063 Instrumentation and Monitoring No
ENTE12007 Instrumentation and Transducers Yes
FINC19019 Insurance Planning Yes
MRKT20024 Integrated Marketing Communications Yes
DGTL11003 Interaction, Information & Interface Design Yes
MRKT11028 Interactive and Internet Marketing Yes
MMST12017 Interactive Animation for Games Yes
DGTL12002 Interactivity and Social Networks Yes
ENSD21003 Internal Quality Audits No
BUSN19022 International & Electronic Business No
LAWS20038 International Business Law Yes
CQUN41005 International Business Studies Yes
LAWS20055 International Contracts and Business Transactions No
FINC20008 International Finance Yes
MRKT19037 International Marketing Yes
MRKT20027 Internet and Electronic Marketing Yes
COIT13224 Internet Application Development Yes
CQUN41016 Intro to Comp for Acad Study Yes
FINC19013 Introduction to International Finance No
ENIM21001 Introduction to Asset Management No
BMED11001 Introduction to Biomedical Science No
COIS11077 Introduction to Computing No
LAWS11056 Introduction to Contract Law Yes
MMST11001 Introduction to Digital Innovation Yes
ECON11029 Introduction to Economics Yes
ENMG21007 Introduction to Elements of Mining & Reclamation No
ENRG21007 Introduction to Energy Economics No
ENRG21004 Introduction to Energy Technology No
BIOL11008 Introduction to Field Biology No
SCIE11018 Introduction to Forensic Science Yes
PSYC12010 Introduction to Human Development Yes
GEOH11001 Introduction to Human Geography Yes
ENML21006 Introduction to Industrial Ecology No
JOUR11005 Introduction to Journalism No
LAWS40047 Introduction To Law In Australia Yes
ENMM20010 Introduction to Maintenance Engineering Yes
MGMT11109 Introduction to Management Yes
MDWF21001 Introduction to Midwifery Yes
ENML21004 Introduction to Mineral Analysis & Preparation No
ENML21001 Introduction to Mineral Processing No
ENMG21001 Introduction to Mining Operations No
PHYS12073 Introduction to Modern Physics Yes
HMGT11005 Introduction to Organisational Behaviour No
ENMG21004 Introduction to Physical Geology No
ENPO20010 Introduction to Process Engineering No
COMM11110 Introduction to Public Relations Yes
MRKT19050 Introduction to Retailing No
SOWK11012 Introduction to Social Work A Yes
SOWK11013 Introduction to Social Work B Yes
SOCL11055 Introduction to Sociology Yes
ENRG21001 Introduction to Stewardship & Sustainable Development No
INDG11013 Introductory Aboriginal & Islander History Yes
LNGC41001 Introductory Academic English No
LNGC40053 Introductory Academic Program Yes
LAWS11030 Introductory and Contract Law Yes
SCIE40006 Introductory Applied Sciences Yes
BIOL40107 Introductory Biology Yes
BIOL40102 Introductory Biology No
BIOL40103 Introductory Biology Yes
SCIE11019 Introductory Bioscience Yes
CHEM20064 Introductory Chemical Sciences No
CHEM40070 Introductory Chemistry Yes
CHEM40069 Introductory Chemistry No
CHEM40078 Introductory Chemistry Yes
COIT40127 Introductory Computing Skills No
SKIL40005 Introductory Computing Skills Yes
CHEM11007 Introductory Concepts of Chemical Sciences Yes
ENAE12011 Introductory Electronic Communications Yes
OCHS11025 Introductory Health and Safety Risk Management Yes
MBIO19003 Introductory Microbiology Yes
OCHS12001 Introductory Occupational Health and Safety Yes
PHYS40192 Introductory Physics Yes
PHYS40110 Introductory Physics Yes
PHYS40112 Introductory Physics No
STAT40042 Introductory Statistics No
MGMT19125 Inventory Management Yes
ZOOL12009 Invertebrate Zoology Yes
FINC19012 Investment Analysis and Risk Management Yes
FINC20009 Investments - Analysis and Management Yes
ACCT20052 Issues in Financial Accounting Yes
ACCT19062 Issues in Financial Reporting Yes
ACCT20053 Issues in Management Accounting Yes
SCIE20015 Issues in the Sciences Yes
OCHS20022 Issues in Workplace Health and Safety Yes

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