Student Support

Central Queensland University is committed to providing students with every opportunity to achieve success in their study.

CQU's range of support services cover:

There are also support services specifically designed for distance education students, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students and students with disabilities.

Further information on support services specifically designed for international students can be found in the international students section.

Student Support - Specific

Distance Education Students

The Division of Teaching and Learning Services (DTLS) is responsible for the educational services and support of all distance education programs offered by CQU.

DTLS distributes study packages to students and provides services and programs to enhance the learning experience. Specifically, the Division organises orientation meetings, acts as a clearing house for assignments, administers audio conferencing and self-directed study groups, prepares and distributes support material such as an information guide and newsletters, administers a student general discussion electronic mail list, provides learning support for students and bridging programs, and acts as an interface between the University and the student. In addition, the Division maintains a close liaison with Learning Network Queensland.

DTLS's Communication and Support Office is the contact point for general enquiries. The office is located at CQU Rockhampton and is open 8.45 am - 4.45 pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays. The office can be contacted on 07 4930 9442 (ph) or 07 4930 9722 (fax), or email: Alternatively visit the website at For access to a local campus, contact the office staff at the campus.

The Student Association also provides specialised services for distance education students. Students can freecall 1800 804 228 to access Student Association services such as academic advice and advocacy, a free student diary and other publications, residential school services, and much more. For further information on the full range of services offered for distance education students visit

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students

Nulloo Yumbah is the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Higher Education Centre at Central Queensland University. The words Nulloo Yumbah mean 'Our Place' in the language of the Darumbal people, on whose land the University is built.

Nulloo Yumbah is a place that not only fosters pride in identity and encourages cultural awareness across the University but also adds value to the life of the University in the development of ATSI academic vitality. The Centre aims to:

Nulloo Yumbah staff can be consulted about study programs, academic issues, tutoring, personal, cultural, cadetships, scholarships and vocational and career pathways. Nulloo Yumbah's main administration hub is located at CQU Rockhampton, with staff located at both CQU Bundaberg and CQU Mackay.

Nulloo Yumbah encourages all Indigenous students to make contact with the Centre and visit our offices in Rockhampton, Bundaberg or Mackay. Distance education students may contact the Centre by telephoning 1800 651 891 (freecall within Queensland) or 07 4930 9250 or e-mail: or fax 07 4930 9692. Visit our website at

Students with Disabilities

The Equity and Diversity Office aims to assist students with disabilities or chronic medical conditions to experience success in their tertiary studies. For access to these services, students will need to contact the Equity and Diversity Office.

The following services and resources are available:

These services may also be available to international students who at present do not fall under the category of a DEST designated target equity group.

Special Examination Arrangements

Staff at the Equity and Diversity Office are available to facilitate special arrangements for formal examinations. These arrangements could include additional time or special equipment.

For more information please contact the Equity and Diversity Office:

Academic Support

Students may find that they are in need of academic assistance during their program of study. Academic support is provided in a number of ways and students are encouraged to make use of the University's services.

Tutors may be accessed by way of student noticeboards, and Indigenous students may be eligible for tutoring through the Aboriginal Tutorial Scheme (ATAS) (07 4930 9250 for further details).

Workshops are conducted throughout the year on study skills and techniques (by Student Services for Australian students; the CQU Language Centre for international students and the Learning Skills Units on the Australian International Campuses).

Communications Learning Centre (CLC)

CQU's Communications Learning Centre assists HECS eligible students who wish to improve their abilities at written and oral communication in English.

Particular attention is paid to the needs of all first-year students. Students with problems in writing their assignments and reports are strongly encouraged to seek counsel and support from the Centre.

Services are available to students at CQU Gladstone, Bundaberg, Emerald, Mackay, and Rockhampton. The Centre also caters for distance education students by means of facsimile, telephone and email facilities.

Students may book 30 minutes or one hour per week for individual assistance with written or oral expression. The Communications Learning Centre can be contacted on 07 4930 6305. Alternatively visit the website


Mathematics Learning Centre

The Mathematics Learning Centre is an academic support centre, which provides assistance to students who experience difficulty with the mathematical or statistical components of their program. Diagnostic tests in mathematics to determine areas of weakness, counselling in how to learn mathematics and special preparatory sessions in basic mathematics are available.

Services and resources available to students include individual assistance, special course support sessions, computer software and written study materials.

Services are provided to students enrolled at CQU Bundaberg, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton. Students studying in the distance mode who cannot attend personally are urged to telephone, email or write to avail themselves of the services.

The Centre develops and presents the mathematics component for the Skills for Tertiary Education and Preparatory Studies (STEPS) and Women in Science & Technology (WIST) projects.

The Centre also offers courses in preparatory mathematics on a fee basis and in-service courses in mathematics on a consultative basis.

Centre staff are actively engaged in research associated with improving learning in tertiary mathematics, with special emphasis on the secondary/tertiary interface and technology in mathematics education. For more information about the Mathematics Learning Centre go to the website at and click on Student Information.


Learning Centres

Hands-on help for students of all ages, courses and levels, wherever you live in Queensland.

Learning Network Queensland (LNQ) operates approximately 50 Learning Centres throughout the State, providing learners with the personal, technological and physical assistance needed to ensure successful distance education study.

A trained, part-time coordinator manages each Centre and can help external students with a range of practical services including informed and objective advice on career planning, choosing your courses and entry or enrolment requirements.

The coordinator will even organise social events and celebrations for local students - such as orientation days, graduation ceremonies and student get-togethers as well as study groups and mutual support tutorials.

Most Centres offer the following technological facilities to aid your learning: computers, printers, scanners, Internet, email, fax, photocopiers, TV, VCR, audiographic conferencing and videoconferencing equipment as well as quiet areas for private or group study.

Many Learning Centres offer 24-hour access to computers. You can arrange with your local coordinator to use the room at times that fit in with your lifestyle.

To find the location of your nearest Learning Centre call 1800 177 189.


Students looking for accommodation in CQU's campus cities have a number of options. They may opt to flat with friends, board, or rent individual houses, or if in Rockhampton, may choose to live on-campus at Capricornia College, and in Mackay, at the Mackay Residential College.

The Australian International Campuses offer a free Accommodation Referral Service to assist international students find suitable accommodation. For more information contact the specific campus.

The International Student Support Officer at CQU Rockhampton assists international students studying at CQU to find accommodation.

Finding student accommodation across the CQU Campus Network is made easy by the Student Association through its Student Accommodation Referral Service.

This service is a comprehensive online accommodation service providing students with the ability to post available accommodation listings and to search online for rental accommodation suitable to their needs and budget. Further information can be obtained online from or phone 07 4930 6758.

Capricornia College (Rockhampton)

Capricornia College is the residential college of Central Queensland University. The College is situated within the CQU Rockhampton grounds on its own separate, expansive and delightfully landscaped grounds.

Capricornia College provides accommodation for up to 350 male and female students in 12 gender-integrated residential houses. The College operates as an academic residential community of undergraduate and postgraduate Members drawn from country and suburban areas throughout Australia as well as many international localities. The College provides a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive environment conducive to the pursuit of academic success, personal development, and community service.

The College is located within a five minute walk of CQU Rockhampton's faculty buildings, Library, Commercial Centre, student support services, and the Central Queensland Community Sports Centre.

Admission to the College is available to all CQU students. Admission to the College is by way of an application form which is available from the College or via the College website (

The privilege of living in such a vibrant and caring community is dependent upon Members embracing certain minimum standards of behaviour and appropriate attitudes that protect the equity, privacy, dignity, and quality of life of others.

Correspondence should be addressed to:

The Principal, Capricornia College

Central Queensland University

Rockhampton Qld 4702

Ph: 07 4930 9766

Fax: 07 4930 6581



While not strictly an advocacy agency, the Equity and Diversity Office works closely with academic and other general staff to provide advice to students who may experience difficulties during their course of study. Staff in the Equity and Diversity Office collaborate with teaching staff to ensure inclusive teaching practices. Student enquiries are welcome.

Students may find that they need or would like advice regarding grievances or with understanding University culture and procedures. This service is offered by Counselling Careers and Health (CC&H), the Equity & Diversity Office and the Student Association.

Contact the Equity and Diversity Office to speak to a relevant officer:

Contact Counselling, Careers & Health:


Students wishing to utilise the Student Association's Advocacy or Representational Services should contact the Student Association's Academic, Advocacy and Support Services Department or the Academic, Advocacy and Support Officers servicing the CQU regional campuses including:

Dedicated Academic, Advocacy and Support Officers are also located on CQU International campuses including:

CQU Brisbane International Campus 07 3210 6617

CQU Gold Coast International Campus 07 5531 3261

CQU Sydney International Campus 02 8295 5950

CQU Melbourne International Campus 03 9663 2876

Distance education students wishing to access the Student Association's Academic, Advocacy and Support Services can utilise the Student Association's freecall number (within Australia) on 1800 804 228 - extension (0).

The Academic, Advocacy and Support Services Officers are responsible for assisting you with CQU procedures, ensuring that you are aware of YOUR RIGHTS and responsibilities and delivering assistance in a non-biased manner.

To obtain further information about the Student Association's Academic, Advocacy and Support Services visit the Student Association's website or email

Student Ombudsman

The Office of the Student Ombudsman for the University is currently part-time, based at CQU Rockhampton (ph 07 4923 2066). The Student Ombudsman investigates coursework students' grievances concerning their academic grades, fees, and related academic issues, when these have not been resolved by other means. For further information, visit

Careers Advice

At Central Queensland Campuses students may seek careers advice or help from a number of sources. The Student Association provides a comprehensive Online Student Employment Referral Service, which is a free service for students seeking casual, part-time or holiday work whilst studying. In some instances the Student Association can also facilitate employment for graduates and professional positions.

Students wishing to register with Student Employment Referral Service or to obtain further information visit or phone 07 4930 6758.

Student Services at CQU has endeavoured to make information on careers and employment available to ALL students. We are now able to offer a service that incorporates all relevant career information online.

Careerhub is an online jobs board that incorporates a wide range of information that would be beneficial to the student job seeker.

These services include:

Students wishing to register with Careerhub can go to

Your student e.rolment username and password will enable you to access the services of Careerhub.

Students may also access careers information on the Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg campuses. Information on current jobs, workshops and employer presentations are posted on noticeboards around campuses. Additionally students can access information on the various careers open to graduates, videos on trainee programs or employment, brochures on public and private sector employers, and much more in the careers library on each campus.

Staff from the Careers Service at Student Services are also available to discuss and explore career prospects with students, either individually or in a group. Careers Counselling staff utilise a range of Career Assessment tools to assist students and prospective students with deciding on a choice of career and which program of study would be best in order to reach that career goal.

Workshops are run throughout the year which cover a range of career related subjects such as: job search skills, resume writing, covering letters, addressing selection criteria and interview techniques.

Students are also welcome to contact Student Services about any career related question.



CQU's counselling services, and/or referrals are available at each campus. Staff can assist CQU students with problems or concerns that are disrupting their personal development or academic progress. All contact is confidential.

Referrals to a wide range of services and agencies can be arranged. As well as individual counselling on personal, health, financial, educational and vocational matters, group programs are offered each term. The dates of these programs are advertised. The service is free and confidential.

Campuses have an International Student Advisor to assist with personal, family and study issues.

CQU also provides a chaplaincy service (Rockhampton campus only), which aims to give CQU students and staff opportunities in which to pursue their spiritual and personal development. The chaplaincy service offers referral to representatives of various denominations or religions, spiritual guidance and counselling through workshops and groups.


Equity & Diversity - A Fair Go

Central Queensland University continues to demonstrate its long standing commitment to both student and staff equity through the collaborative and cooperative activities and programs undertaken by the Equity and Diversity Office.

The Equity and Diversity Office emphasises the appreciation of difference and the creation of a safe and just environment for study and employment. This is done by:

While the services of the Equity and Diversity Office can be accessed by all students, the Office is committed to increasing the participation, retention and success rates of students from the DEST designated equity groups:

For information on University policies governing sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying, please contact the Equity and Diversity Office.

Inclusive Language

A publication setting out guidelines for the use of Inclusive Language is available from Equity and Diversity to assist students and staff. The intent of this guide is to ensure that students and staff avoid the use of discriminatory language. The use of inclusive language will enable students and staff to achieve quality educational outcomes. For more information please contact the Equity and Diversity Office.


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to Domestic Australian students in a variety of ways. Loans are available through the Special Assistance for Students Scheme for those students whose study may be affected because of financial difficulties.

Eligibility criteria apply to the loan and an application form, with supporting documentation, must be completed. Loan applications can be made at Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg and Mackay.

Contact Counselling, Careers & Health:

The Student Association also offers emergency interest-free loans of up to $100. For further information, contact the Student Association's Academic, Advocacy and Support Services Officer nearest you.


Student Mentors

Central Queensland University currently provides a peer support program for all first-year undergraduate internal students (full-time/part-time) studying at Bundaberg, Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton campuses. The Student Mentor Program links first-year students to Student Mentors during the first day of the University's orientation program.

Mentors are more experienced students who can help first-year students to access information about university life and to access services within the University.

Student mentors can help smooth the transition process to university life by providing basic but essential advice regarding studying at Central Queensland University. They can assist students with such things as:

The help received from a CQU Mentor can make a significant difference to a student's first year at university.

Involvement in the Student Mentor Program is voluntary but the University encourages students to make the most of this student support program during their first year at University. The Student Mentor Program operates from Counselling, Careers and Health.

If students are unable to attend the University's Orientation program but wish to be linked to a Student Mentor, they should contact: