Handbook Disclaimer

This Handbook aims to provide students with information which will guide their enrolment in University programs, and enhance their knowledge of facilities available to them while studying at Central Queensland University.

Policies, terms and conditions, program and course information contained in this handbook may form part of the contractual relationship between you as a student of Central Queensland University and the University once your enrolment has been accepted by the University. As such you should read them carefully.

Information contained in this Handbook is correct as at: 17 August 2004, but may be subject to change. The University reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel the policies, terms and conditions course information and other material as published in this Handbook from time to time on reasonable notice.

The University will endeavour to inform students of any changes which may affect their enrolment, however students should keep themselves appraised of current policy and procedures, terms and conditions and course information relevant to their particular enrolment within the University by reference to the website. Publication on the University website shall be deemed to be reasonable notice of any such change.

Whilst the University will attempt to offer students the widest possible choice of courses, it absolutely reserves the right to withdraw at the commencement of a semester an offer of a course for which the number of enrolments are insufficient to warrant the course offer.

The University may also restrict enrolments in courses in which the numbers are in excess of that which a Faculty or School can teach efficiently using the resources available. In this instance, students should consult their program advisor on the selection of a substitute course.

Students are encouraged to contact the University for further information if required.