Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
NURS11148 Health and Human Behaviour Yes
SOCL19070 Health and Medical Sociology Yes
EDCU11013 Health and Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy Yes
ENVH11001 Health and the Environment Yes
HLTH21001 Health Care Systems No
COMM11101 Health Communications No
HMGT20006 Health Economics No
COIS13065 Health Information Exchange No
HLTH20009 Health Information Science Yes
HLTH13030 Health Promotion Evaluation Yes
HLTH13029 Health Promotion Planning and Development Yes
HLTH12028 Health Promotion Strategies Yes
PSYC22002 Health Psychology and Rehabilitation No
HMGT12004 Health Service Provision No
HLPB20003 Health Statistics and Epidemiology No
ENRG21006 Hidden Energy Waste No
MDWF22005 High Risk Maternal and Newborn Collaborative Care Yes
EDED20480 History and Contemporary Uses of Simulation Yes
HIST19029 History of Modern Japan Yes
BIOL12049 Histotechniques No
NURS11114 Holistic Health Assessment Yes
ENEV22001 Holistic Infrastructure Management Yes
FAHE14001 Honours F/T Part A Yes
FAHE14002 Honours F/T Part B Yes
COIT19171 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis A Yes
COIT19172 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis B Yes
COIT19173 Honours Informatics Project/Thesis C Yes
BUSN19023 Honours Literature Review Yes
FAHE14003 Honours P/T Coursework A Yes
FAHE14004 Honours P/T Coursework B Yes
FAHE14005 Honours P/T Dissertation A Yes
FAHE14006 Honours P/T Dissertation B Yes
PHYS19188 Honours Project A Yes
PHYS19189 Honours Project B Yes
HRMT19023 HRM Competencies Yes
HRMT20022 HRM in the Global Environment Yes
HRMT20008 HRM Strategy and Implementation Yes
HMSC11005 Human Anatomy Yes
HRMT11012 Human Behaviour in Organisations Yes
SOCL19060 Human Ecology Yes
OCHS20029 Human Factors Yes
OCHS13008 Human Factors CQ26 Yes
EDED11331 Human Movement Studies II - Motor Development and Skill Acquisition Yes
BIOH12008 Human Pathophysiology Yes
BIOH11004 Human Physiology Yes
HRMT19013 Human Resource Development Yes
HRMT20007 Human Resource Management Yes
HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organisations Yes
HRMT20006 Human Resources Management in the Asia Pacific No
HRMT19014 Human Resources Planning, Recruitment & Selection Yes
SWHS22005 Human services: Inddependent study and research 2 Yes
SWHS22004 Human services: Independent study and research 1 Yes
COIS12036 Human-Computer Interaction Yes
MBIO19004 Humans, Microbes and Disease Yes
ENEC13009 Hydraulics Yes

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