Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
COIT23001 Object Oriented Principles Yes
COIT12140 Object-Oriented Programming No
COIT20225 Object-Oriented Programming Techniques No
COIT12137 Objects and Data Structures Yes
OCHS29001 Occupational Health and Safety Research Project A Yes
OCHS29002 Occupational Health and Safety Research Project B Yes
OCHS29003 Occupational Health and Safety Research Project C Yes
OCHS13016 Occupational Health, Hygiene and Toxicology Yes
OCHS20030 Occupational Health, Hygiene and Toxicology Yes
OCHS13011 Occupational Rehabilitation and Compensation Yes
CHEM40001 OLN Preparatory Chemistry No
COIT13152 Operating Systems Yes
COIT20224 Operating Systems Administration No
COIT20223 Operating Systems Fundamentals No
MGMT20085 Operational Analysis and Effectiveness Yes
ENPO20011 Operational Issues in Process Management Yes
ENSD21002 Operational Procedures for Process Enterprises No
RAIL29014 OPS1 - Introduction to Rail Operations Management Yes
RAIL29015 OPS2 - Railway Infrastructures Yes
RAIL29016 OPS3 - Network and Localised Train Control Yes
RAIL29017 OPS4 - Train Planning Yes
RAIL29018 OPS5 - Passenger and Freight Operations Yes
RAIL29019 OPS6 - Rail Operations Risk Management and Administration Yes
RAIL29020 OPS7 - Rail Operations Management Project Planning Yes
RAIL29021 OPS8 - Rail Operations Management Project Implementation Yes
RAIL29022 OPS9 - Rail Operations Management Project Completion No
ENTI13005 Optical Instrumentation No
PHYS12075 Optics Yes
HRMT11010 Organisational Behaviour Yes
COMM12025 Organisational Communication Yes
FINC20006 Organisational Finance Yes
PHYS13193 Oscillations and Waves Yes
EDED10413 Outdoor Pursuits - Aquatics Yes
EDED10414 Outdoor Pursuits - Land Based No

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