Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
PSYC19043 B Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Dissertation A No
PSYC19044 B Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Dissertation B No
PSYC19039 B. Arts (Honours) Psychology F/T A No
PSYC19040 B. Arts (Honours) Psychology F/T B No
PSYC19041 B. Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Crsewk A No
PSYC19042 B. Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Crsewk B No
CNSL40003 Basic Counselling Skills No
ACCT11079 Basic Principles of Accounting Yes
COIT21002 Bioinformatics for Managers No
COIT13223 Bioinformatics Project No
BIOL12105 Biological Experimentation Yes
PSYC11008 Biological Foundations of Psychology Yes
BIOL19033 Biology Honours A Yes
BIOL19034 Biology Honours B Yes
BIOL19028 Biology Project No
HMSC12008 Biomechanics Yes
BMED19008 Biomedical Science (Honours) A Yes
BMED19009 Biomedical Science (Honours) B Yes
BMED19014 Biomedical Science Honours P/T A1 No
BMED19015 Biomedical Science Honours P/T A2 No
BMED19016 Biomedical Science Honours P/T B1 No
BMED19017 Biomedical Science Honours P/T B2 No
BMED19013 Bioscience Laboratory Skills Yes
BIOT19001 Biotechnology Commercialisation Yes
MDWF22002 Birth in Partnership Yes
EDED12447 Boarding School Academic Programs No
EDED12446 Boarding School Pastoral Care No
BOTN12010 Botany of Aquatic Environments Yes
BLAR13035 Building Contract Administration Yes
BLAR12036 Building Design 1 Yes
BLAR13037 Building Design 2 Yes
BLAR12038 Building Industry Contracts Yes
BLSV12020 Building Infrastructure Audits Yes
BLAR11039 Building Law & Regulations Yes
EDED11401 Building Learning Partnerships Yes
BLAR12034 Building Legislation 1 Yes
BLSV13021 Building Legislation 2 Yes
BLAR13040 Building Life Cycle Maintenance Yes
BLAR11033 Building Materials 1 Yes
BLAR12041 Building Materials 2 Yes
BLAR13042 Building Sector Management Yes
BLSV14013 Building Sector Project Management No
BLSV13022 Building Services Auditing Yes
BLSV14015 Building Surveying Dissertation No
BLSV14014 Building Surveying Dissertation Plan No
BLSV14012 Building Surveying Work Experience Project No
BLAR11043 Building Systems and Services 1 Yes
BLAR13044 Building Systems and Services 2 Yes
BLAR11045 Built Environment 1 Yes
BLAR13046 Built Environment 2 Yes
ENAM12001 Bulk Handling Equipment Yes
ENPG22002 Bulk Materials and Waste Products Yes
ENEM13010 Bulk Materials Handling Yes
MGMT11164 Business Analysis & Communication No
FINC19011 Business Finance Yes
COIS11078 Business Information Systems Yes
MGMT19127 Business Integration Topics No
MGMT19128 Business Integration Topics 1 Yes
MGMT19129 Business Integration Topics 2 No
COIS13013 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Yes
LAWS20028 Business Law Yes
MMST13017 Business of Digital Innovation No
COIS12041 Business Programming No
BUSN19002 Business Research Methodology No
CQUN41004 Business Studies Yes
MRKT20021 Buyer Behaviour Yes

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