PHYS13071 Quantum Physics

Course Description

To establish the connection between microscopic and macroscopioc descriptions of closed physical systems through a discussion of the equilibrium statistics of classical and quantum particles. Maxwell-Boltzmann, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distribution functions and examples of their application will be discussed. To establish the principles of the Schroedinger theory of wave mechanics and discuss the solutions of the Schroedinger equation for particles moving in simple one-dimensional potential wells. Barrier penetration and its application to the explanation of alpha particle emission and field emission from cathodes will be considered.

Course at a glance

Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Physical Systems
Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 6
Requisites: Prerequisite: PHYS 12073 and MATH 12172 and MATH 12171
HECS Banding: 2
EFTSL 0.125

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