BMED19011 Cellular Metabolism

Course Description

This course examines the metabolic pathways involved in the catabolism and anabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and nitrogenous compounds, including glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, glycogen synthesis and degradation, pentose phosphate pathway, TCA cycle, electron transport chain and ATP synthesis and photosynthesis; oxidative degradation and biosynthesis of the lipids and basic steroid metabolism; amino acid catabolism and nitrogen excretion, nucleotide catabolism and the biochemistry of the porphyrins. Also covered are aspects of metabolic integration including feeding, starvation & endocrine regulation. The practical component provides students with experience in biochemical analyses. Distance education students will be required to attend a residential school for this course.

Course at a glance

Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences
Career: Undergraduate
Credit points: 6
Requisites: Prerequisite: BMED19010 Macromolecules & Cell Function
HECS Banding: 2
EFTSL 0.125

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