Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
PBHL30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PBHL30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PBHL30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PERF11014 From Play to Performance No
PERF11018 Arts Administration I No
PERF11021 Community Arts No
PERF11025 Industry Placement Yes
PERF12015 Staging Contemporary Issues No
PERF13016 Experimental Theatre Yes
PFMA30001 Research & Thesis (24) No
PFMA30002 Research & Thesis (12) No
PFMA30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
PHRM10004 Pharmacology No
PHRM19001 Pharmacology and Toxicology Yes
PHYG12003 Geological Science Yes
PHYG13004 Earth Science No
PHYG13005 Geophys Instrumentation No
PHYR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PHYR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PHYR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PHYS11184 Engineering Physics A Yes
PHYS11185 Engineering Physics B Yes
PHYS12073 Introduction to Modern Physics Yes
PHYS12074 Concepts of Astronomy Yes
PHYS12075 Optics Yes
PHYS12076 Properties of Materials Yes
PHYS13068 Acoustics and Vibrations No
PHYS13071 Quantum Physics Yes
PHYS13072 Solid State Physics Yes
PHYS13164 Applied Physical Techniques Yes
PHYS13192 Stars, Planets & Galaxies No
PHYS13193 Oscillations and Waves Yes
PHYS13194 Modern Optics Yes
PHYS19102 Essay Yes
PHYS19188 Honours Project A Yes
PHYS19189 Honours Project B Yes
PHYS29001 Physics I No
PHYS29002 Physics II No
PHYS40110 Introductory Physics Yes
PHYS40112 Introductory Physics No
PHYS40192 Introductory Physics Yes
PREN30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PREN30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PREN30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PROG30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PROG30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PROG30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PROP11001 Property Valuation Yes
PROP19001 Statutory Valuation Yes
PROP19002 Property & Asset Management Yes
PROP19003 Advanced Property Valuation Yes
PRSA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PRSA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PRSA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PRSC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PRSC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PRSC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PRST30001 Research & Thesis (24) No
PRST30002 Research & Thesis (12) No
PRST30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
PSGA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PSGA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PSGA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
PSGC30001 Research & Thesis (24) No
PSGC30002 Research & Thesis (12) No
PSGC30003 Research & Thesis (6) No
PSYC11008 Biological Foundations of Psychology Yes
PSYC11009 Social Foundations of Psychology Yes
PSYC11010 Fundamentals of Psychology No
PSYC12010 Introduction to Human Development Yes
PSYC12012 Physiological Psychology Yes
PSYC12013 Personality Yes
PSYC12014 Social Psychology Yes
PSYC12047 Research Methods in Psychology A Yes
PSYC12048 Research Methods In Psychology B Yes
PSYC13015 Advanced Methods in Psychology Yes
PSYC13016 Cognitive Psychology Yes
PSYC13017 Abnormal Psychology Yes
PSYC13018 Cross-Cultural Psychology Yes
PSYC13019 Developmental Psychology Yes
PSYC13020 Individual Differences and Assessment Yes
PSYC13021 Special Topic in Psychology No
PSYC13022 Learning Yes
PSYC14023 Advanced Studies in Psychology No
PSYC14025 Professional Practice of Psychology No
PSYC14045 Research Project A No
PSYC14046 Research Project B No
PSYC14047 Advanced Data Analysis Yes
PSYC14048 Advanced Psychological Assessment Yes
PSYC14049 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies Yes
PSYC14050 Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology Yes
PSYC14051 Psychology Research Project A Yes
PSYC14052 Psychology Research Project B Yes
PSYC19039 B. Arts (Honours) Psychology F/T A No
PSYC19040 B. Arts (Honours) Psychology F/T B No
PSYC19041 B. Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Crsewk A No
PSYC19042 B. Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Crsewk B No
PSYC19043 B Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Dissertation A No
PSYC19044 B Arts (Hons) Psychology P/T Dissertation B No
PSYC20026 Advanced Studies in Psychology No
PSYC20027 Professional Practice of Psychology No
PSYC20028 Psychology Research Project A No
PSYC20029 Psychology Research Project B No
PSYC20030 Advanced Data Analysis for Psychology Yes
PSYC20031 Advanced Psychological Assessment Yes
PSYC20032 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology A Yes
PSYC20033 Post Graduate Research Project in Psychology B Yes
PSYC20034 Professional Practice of Cognitive Therapies Yes
PSYC20035 Ethics & Professional Issues in Psychology Yes
PSYC21001 Assessment 1 No
PSYC21002 Assessment II No
PSYC21003 Therapy 1: Theory, Research, Practice No
PSYC21004 Therapy II: Theory, Research, Practice No
PSYC21005 Psychopathology I No
PSYC21006 Psychopathology II No
PSYC21007 Clinic Team I No
PSYC21008 Clinic Team II No
PSYC22001 Research Methods in Clinical Psychology No
PSYC22002 Health Psychology and Rehabilitation No
PSYC22003 Thesis I No
PSYC22004 Thesis II No
PSYC22005 Clinic Team III No
PSYC22006 Clinic Team IV No
PSYR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
PSYR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
PSYR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes

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