Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
PSYC13017 Abnormal Psychology Yes
INDG19015 Aboriginal Cultures and Country Yes
EDHE40006 Academic Communication Yes
CQUN41018 Academic Study Skills Yes
ACCT20051 Accounting Information for Decision Making Yes
ACCT19066 Accounting Systems and Assurance Yes
PHYS13068 Acoustics and Vibrations No
THTR11108 Acting & Dance for Music Theatre 1 No
THTR12111 Acting & Dance for Music Theatre 4 Yes
THTR13113 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 6 Yes
THTR11109 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 2 Yes
THTR13112 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 5 Yes
THTR12110 Acting and Dance for Music Theatre 3 Yes
THTR13065 Acting for Multimedia Yes
ENEV21003 Adapting to Climatic Variability Yes
EDVT11004 Adolescent & Adult Education Yes
EDVT12015 Adolescent & Adult Literacy & Numeracy Yes
DGTL13004 Advanced 3D Animation and Character Development Yes
LNGC42001 Advanced Academic English No
HMSC13021 Advanced Biomechanics Yes
STAT19041 Advanced Business Statistics No
ENMM20017 Advanced Condition Monitoring Yes
ACCT20054 Advanced Corporate Accounting Yes
PSYC14047 Advanced Data Analysis Yes
PSYC20030 Advanced Data Analysis for Psychology Yes
ENCO20007 Advanced Digital Microprocessor Systems No
HMSC13022 Advanced Exercise & Work Physiology Yes
FINC19017 Advanced Financial Planning Yes
EDED20419 Advanced Independent Study No
EDED20426 Advanced Learning Management Yes
DGTL13003 Advanced Media Production Yes
PSYC13015 Advanced Methods in Psychology Yes
EDCU40030 Advanced Numeracy Concepts And Applications Yes
HLTH20032 Advanced Nursing Informatics No
ENPG21002 Advanced Power Plant No
PROP19003 Advanced Property Valuation Yes
PSYC14048 Advanced Psychological Assessment Yes
PSYC20031 Advanced Psychological Assessment Yes
COMM12018 Advanced Public Relations Yes
HMSC13024 Advanced Sport & Exercise Psychology Yes
PSYC20026 Advanced Studies in Psychology No
PSYC14023 Advanced Studies in Psychology No
EDED20475 Advertising Design Communication Yes
EDEC11025 Advocacy, Leadership and Change in Early Childhood Yes
NURS12145 Aged Care Nursing Yes
ENEV20009 Air Quality Management No
ENEV20001 Air Quality Management I Yes
COIT12144 Algorithms and Data Structures No
COIT12168 Analysis and Specification No
ENEC12007 Analysis of Structures Yes
CHEM13080 Analytical Science Yes
HIST11037 Ancient & Medieval Civilisations: An Introduction Yes
ZOOL20001 Animal Biology Yes
GEOH20006 App Demography: Towards Sustainable Populations Yes
ENVR11012 Applications of Environmental Science Yes
ENIM21003 Applied Asset Management & Reliability No
BUSN11015 Applied Business Research No
EDED20476 Applied Communication Arts Yes
COIT13227 Applied Data Mining No
GEOG19029 Applied Demography Yes
COIT13229 Applied Distributed Systems Yes
ENAC12001 Applied Hydraulics Yes
PHYS13164 Applied Physical Techniques Yes
SWHS22001 Applied research and evaluation in human services Yes
ENAC12003 Applied Structural Analysis Yes
OCHS13010 Applied Worksite Analysis Yes
COIS13066 Applied XML No
AQUA12003 Aquaculture A No
AQUA12004 Aquaculture B No
ZOOL13014 Aquatic Physiology No
EVST13014 Aquatic Systems Yes
PERF11018 Arts Administration I No
EDED20445 Arts Administration Leadership Yes
EDED20466 Arts Administration Research Yes
MUSC11384 Arts in Perspective Yes
EDED20459 Assessment & Reporting in Primary Yes
EDVT10020 Assessment & Reporting in Sec/VET Yes
EDED20486 Assessment & Reporting in Secondary Yes
PSYC21001 Assessment 1 No
EDED20467 Assessment and Evaluation Yes
PSYC21002 Assessment II No
WELF19041 Assessment of Risk to Wellbeing Yes
ENPG21001 Asset Management Systems Yes
ENPG29001 Asset Management Systems Project Yes
ACCT19064 Auditing & Professional Practice Yes
ACCT20040 Auditing and Ethical Practice Yes
ENMM20015 Auditing Maintenance Systems Yes
HIST19031 Australia's Foreign Relations No
EVST19015 Australian Environmental History No
CULT11011 Australian Film and Culture Yes
SOCL11056 Australian Society Yes
LAWS20023 Australian Taxation Law Yes
AVAT11001 Aviation Theory I Yes
AVAT12002 Aviation Theory II Yes
AVAT12003 Aviation Theory III Yes
AVAT12004 Aviation Theory IV Yes
AVAT13005 Aviation Theory V Yes

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