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PHYG13002  Earth & Planetary Science

This course presents the likely origin of the Solar System, born from material that formed a disc of gas and dust around the new born Sun. The various planets and satellites are described. The internal structure of the Earth and planets are presented. The interior of the Earth, seismology, magnetism, gravity. Engineering geology, mineral deposits, exploration and mining, plate tectonics and evolution of the Australian continent. Processes that have sculptured the surface of the Earth and planets such as impact cratering and volcanoes are described. Internal heat processes including heat transfer inside planets are considered. The knowledge of the Solar System from measuring the properties of meteorites is presented. Students undertaking ESCI13008   Geophysical Instrumentation must have taken this course. However this course may be studied without studying ESCI13008  . It is an essential course for students intending to continue into seismology/geophysics in the Honours program.

Text: Distance Education Study Materials, Earth and Planetary Science. Clark, I.F., & Cook, B.J. Perspectives of the Earth, Australian Academy of Science, 1995.

References: Kaufmann, W.J., Universe, Freeman, 1994. Francis, P., Volcanoes, Oxford University Press, 1993. Jones, B.W. et al, Images of the Cosmos, Open University Press, 1994. Kearey P., & Brooks M., An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration, Blackwell, 1991. Rothery D., Satellites of the Outer Planets, Oxford Uni Press, 1992.

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