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ESCI13008  Geophysical Instrumentation

A study of geophysical instruments as measurement systems, and of geophysical survey design, operation and result interpretation. Orders of magnitude, dimensions, spectral distribution of signal and noise. Transducer selection. Applications of geophysical methods-seismic, magnetic, gravity, nuclear, electrical, electromagnetic. Geophysical field data, principles of interpretation. Extensive field excursions are involved.

Texts: Distance Education Study Materials, Geophysical Instrumentation. Kearey, P., & Brooks, M., An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration, 2nd ed., Blackwell Scientific, 1991.

References: Dobrin, M.B., Introduction to Geophysical Prospecting, 3rd ed., McGraw Hill, 1976. Griffin, D.H., & King, R.F., Applied Geophysics for Geologists and Engineers, Pergamon, 1981. Parasnis, D.S., Principles of Applied Geophysics, Chapman and Hall, London, 1979. Stacey, F.D., Physics of the Earth, Wiley, London, 1977. Telford, W.M., Geldart, L.P., Sheriff, R.E., & Keys, D.A., Applied Geophysics, Cambridge University Press, 1975.

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