Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
RAIL29004 CPD1 Signalling and Safe Railway Operation Yes
RAIL29005 CPD2 Signalling Principles Yes
RAIL29006 CPD3 Signalling the Layout Yes
RAIL29007 CPD4 Signalling Applications Engineering Yes
RAIL29008 CPD5 Signalling Systems, Management & Engineering Yes
RAIL29009 CPD6 Signalling Research/Investigation Project Yes
RAIL29010 CPD7 - Railway Telecommunications Yes
RAIL29011 CPD8 - Railway Signalling Project Definition & Planning Yes
RAIL29012 CPD9 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 1 Yes
RAIL29013 CPD10 - Railway Signalling Project Implementation 2 Yes
RAIL29014 OPS1 - Introduction to Rail Operations Management Yes
RAIL29015 OPS2 - Railway Infrastructures Yes
RAIL29016 OPS3 - Network and Localised Train Control Yes
RAIL29017 OPS4 - Train Planning Yes
RAIL29018 OPS5 - Passenger and Freight Operations Yes
RAIL29019 OPS6 - Rail Operations Risk Management and Administration Yes
RAIL29020 OPS7 - Rail Operations Management Project Planning Yes
RAIL29021 OPS8 - Rail Operations Management Project Implementation Yes
RAIL29022 OPS9 - Rail Operations Management Project Completion No
RAIL30004 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
RAIL30005 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
RAIL30006 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
RCAR30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
RCAR30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
RCAR30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
RELG19001 Religious Experience and Texts Yes
RELG19002 Religious Traditions and Rituals Yes
RSCH30133 Research & Thesis P/FT No
RSTH30001 Examination-Research and Thesis Yes

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