Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
NTCM30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
NTCM30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
NTCM30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
NURA30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
NURA30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
NURA30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
NURC30001 Research & Thesis (24) Yes
NURC30002 Research & Thesis (12) Yes
NURC30003 Research & Thesis (6) Yes
NURS10126 Project Yes
NURS11114 Holistic Health Assessment Yes
NURS11143 Clinical Nursing Practice No
NURS11145 Indigenous and Cross Cultural Health Care Yes
NURS11146 Foundations of Professional Nursing Yes
NURS11147 Foundation Nursing Skills Yes
NURS11148 Health and Human Behaviour Yes
NURS12128 Drugs in Society Yes
NURS12140 Disease Management and Control Yes
NURS12141 Nursing in a Medical Environment Yes
NURS12142 Nursing in a Surgical Environment Yes
NURS12143 Family and Community Health Yes
NURS12144 Legal Issues in Health Care Yes
NURS12145 Aged Care Nursing Yes
NURS13112 Complex Nursing Yes
NURS13113 The Psychiatric Consumer Yes
NURS13114 Contemporary Issues in Nursing Yes
NURS13115 Professional Practice Yes
NURS13116 Transition to Professional Practice Yes
NURS13117 Research in Health Care Yes
NURS19117 Statistics and Epidemiology No
NURS20129 Education in Non-Formal Settings Yes
NURS20147 Research Project No
NURS21152 Evidence Based Practice Yes
NURS21153 Communication Skills for Advanced Professional Practice Yes
NURS21154 Clinical Project 1 Yes
NURS21155 Clinical Project 2 Yes
NURS21156 Clinical Project 3 Yes
NUTR19001 Nutrition Yes

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