Programs & Courses 2009
Student Handbook Home: Edition 2


Course Code Course Name Offered in 2009
MATH11160 Technology Mathematics Yes
MATH11163 Mathematics IA Yes
MATH11164 Mathematics IB Yes
MATH11165 Discrete Mathematics No
MATH11218 Engineering Foundation Mathematics Yes
MATH11219 Engineering Mathematics Yes
MATH11246 Quantitative Methods A Yes
MATH12171 Differential Equations Yes
MATH12172 Multivariable Calculus Yes
MATH12173 Linear Algebra No
MATH12178 Engineering Mathematics III No
MATH12222 Engineering Mathematical Applications Yes
MATH13176 Special Topic A Yes
MATH13179 Numerical Analysis No
MATH19201 Mathematics Honours Project/Thesis A No
MATH19202 Mathematics Honours Project/Thesis B No
MATH19203 Mathematics Topic A No
MATH19204 Mathematics Topic B No
MATH19205 Mathematics Topic C No
MATH19234 Project Part A No
MATH19235 Project Part B No
MATH20247 Quantitative Methods No
MATH21001 Conceptual Foundations Yes
MATH29003 Mathematical Modelling A No
MATH29004 Mathematical Modelling B No
MATH40087 Transition Maths I Yes
MATH40088 Transition Maths I (Mid Year) No
MATH40089 Transition Maths II (Mid Year) No
MATH40090 Enabling Mathematics No
MATH40227 Transition Maths I MLC No
MATH40228 Transition Mathematics + Yes
MATH40229 Transition Maths II Yes
MATH40230 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex A Yes
MATH40231 Transition Mathematics 1 Flex B Yes
MATH40232 Transition Mathematics 1A Yes
MATH40233 Transition Mathematics 1B Yes
MATH40236 Transition Maths IA No
MATH40237 Transition Mathematics 1 Yes
MATH40238 Transition Mathematics 1 External A No
MATH40239 Transition Mathematics 1 External B No
MATH40242 Transition Maths IA EXT No
MATH40243 Transition Maths IB EXT No
MATH40244 Transition Mathematics 2 A Yes
MATH40245 Transition Mathematics 2 B Yes
MATH40246 Transition Mathematics 1 External A Yes
MATH40247 Transition Mathematics 1 External B Yes
MATH40248 Lift Mathematics Yes

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