What's New

New programs for 2005

CQU is launching a number of new programs of study for 2005:

Changing market demand, revised business programs!

The market is changing and CQU is changing with it. The Faculty of Business and Law has reviewed and revised all business programs and created a new one as well - ready for the start of 2005.

For those considering their first degree, the Bachelor of Business now has a core of 10 courses that cover all facets of business and management giving students a broad base from which to launch into their career making specialisations.

The specialisations are comprised of six courses and because of the expanding range of specialist modules there is great opportunity to design a degree that will suit your career aspirations or job advancement options.

Similarly with the accounting and human resources programs - both with professional accreditation. To find out more about these great programs go to the undergraduate Business and Tourism programs at http://handbook.cqu.edu.au/pages/ugprgmslist_business.html.

The postgraduate programs (for those with a first degree and those who have years of business and management experience) the MBA and Master of Management have a strengthened core of courses and an impressive range of career and job enhancing specialist options.

The demand for knowledge and skills, increased capability in leadership coupled with innovation and change within the workforce has been recognised and our programs enhanced to reflect this new focus. Significant changes include the option to complete two advanced research courses and a research project leading to an MBA (Honours) or a Master of Management (Honours). This will be of particular interest to those wishing to develop research skills for their workplace or who are considering further studies and need to demonstrate evidence of their research ability.

CQU has more postgraduate programs to choose from too:

To find out more about these great programs go to the postgraduate Business and Tourism programs at http://handbook.cqu.edu.au/pages/pgprgmslist_business.html.

Bachelor of Creative Enterprise

The Bachelor of Creative Enterprise program offers students an opportunity to specialise in cross-disciplinary studies associated with the generation, application and exploitation of creative, ingenious and imaginative knowledge.

Students will learn skills in managing information, thinking creatively and innovatively, applying existing knowledge to new problems or situations, and developing flexibility in future-oriented entrepreneurial, technological and generic skills.

Graduates will be at the forefront of cultural and creative developments, and will be able to take their place in the workforce as potential leaders in a global knowledge based-economy. The program provides scope for the student to specialise in a particular creative enterprise discipline.

CQU's Bachelor of Nursing program is changing!

If you are planning to study nursing from 2005 get ready for an entirely new experience. Previous graduates of the program have gained the skills and knowledge to lead them into exciting career paths in the health care industry - now it's your chance to begin the journey with a new program structure and a range of new courses.

Nursing offers diverse people-centred career opportunities in a challenging industry that continues to change rapidly. The broad nature of nursing allows opportunities for employment and specialisation in areas as varied as the traditional hospital setting, accident and emergency, community health, indigenous health, industry, remote or rural health, and the armed forces.

This program aims to prepare graduates eligible for registration as nurses in Queensland, who are competent in the delivery of comprehensive nursing care in a variety of settings and who are motivated towards on-going professional development. Graduates are employed in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, operating theatres, intensive care and palliative care units, mental health, and community settings. The program includes practicums in all three years of the program, which are undertaken in a clinical environment.

For more information on this program please contact 07 4930 9862.

Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op)/Diploma of Professional Practice (Engineering)

The Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op)/Diploma of Professional Practice (Engineering) consists of a common first year followed by three and a half years of specialist training in the fields of civil, electrical or mechanical engineering. The first year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op)/Diploma of Professional Practice (Engineering) program is offered at CQU's Gladstone, Mackay and Rockhampton campuses. The advanced years of the program are currently at Rockhampton.

The first two years of this program are common to the standard engineering degree. Part of the study of this program entails two formal work placements contributing to 48 weeks of work and professional practice development.

The Faculty offers the only project-based learning Engineering degrees in Australia. This method of teaching offers the opportunity to learn in context - where you are learning for a reason, not just to pass exams. Teamwork and problem solving skills are learned alongside the technical content in an exciting real-world engineering environment.