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PHYS13070  Modern Optics & EM Waves

The eye-brain system; Fourier methods, convolution; cosinusuidal gratings, infinite and finite gratings; coherence; image production; spatial filtering, phase contrast; image processing; fibre optics, properties of fibres; optical communications systems; optical sensors. Electrical charge and current, electrical field and potential, properties of electrostatic fields, capacitance and electric energy, magnetic fields, magnetic potential, Ampere's Law and Gauss' Law, electromagnetic induction and magnetic energy, varying currents in linear networks, dielectric materials, magnetic materials; Maxwell's equations; electromagnetic medium; boundary conditions; reflection and refraction; waveguides.

Text: Distance Education Study Material, Modern Optics.

References: Open University (UK) Program ST291, Images & Information, 1992. Senior, J.M., Optical Fibre Communications, Prentice-Hall, 1992. Wilson, J. & Hawkes, J.F.B., Optoelectronics, Prentice-Hall, 1989.

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