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MMST12005  Multimedia Development

Multimedia Development follows on from the skills and theoretical concepts introduced in Multimedia Design. Multimedia Development extends practical skills and continues the reflection upon the creative and cultural significance of multiple-media forms. Practical software skills are extended with Macromedia Director, especially in Lingo and with concepts such as script design, coding, debugging techniques, navigation, user interaction, sprite control, optimisation techniques, memory management, media synchronisation, and online distribution of multimedia with Shockwave.

Access to a multimedia computer with an Internet connection, audio capabilities, a CD-ROM drive and a Zip drive is a requirement for this course. Access to and use of Macromedia Director is also essential. Students who enrol in this course are expected to have an understanding of the topics covered in MMST12004   Multimedia Design. Students who completed MMST12004   Multimedia Design (00201) prior to Autumn 2001 should consult their Program Administrator.

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