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MGMT19104  Contemporary Purchasing & Materials Management

This course examines the use of contemporary management techniques to optimise and/or integrate the management of all materials functions in all types of organisations whether manufacturing, non-manufacturing or merchandising in both private and public sectors. The corporate objectives of an organisation, from the acquisition of raw materials to the point of sale for finished products, will only be achieved if materials related functions are planned, coordinated and where necessary integrated by a single supply manager. The course will examine corporate supply concepts, including organisational development, integration of materials management and physical distribution functions, establishing credibility, marketing of supply concepts, supply team building and change management, integrated strategic materials planning, management control, productivity management, financial management, risk management and management auditing.

Completion of the separate courses Principles of Purchasing and Materials Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management and Physical Distribution Management will be a prerequisite for this course.

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