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MATH19201  Mathematics Honours Project - Thesis A

This course aims to provide experience of carrying out a project in mathematics and develop independent research and learning skills with the concomitant tasks of working jointly with supervisors and colleagues and presenting ideas, results and recommendations orally and in writing.

The content is flexible depending on the nature of the project. The final choice of project and supervisor requires the approval of the head of school. Each project is assessed by two academic staff (including the supervisor) and the project coordinator. The grade given is determined by:

  • the extent to which the student has satisfied the objectives of the project;
  • the style and presentation of the report;
  • the amount of originality in the project;
  • remarks, recommendations and commendations from outside sources;
  • the degree of difficulty of the project;
  • the time taken to complete the project;
  • oral presentation.

Two copies of the project must be submitted.

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