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HUMT13007  Humanities Research Topic

These single term courses allow students to develop independent research project/s in the Humanities area of their choice under staff supervision. Such projects offer students an opportunity to explore, in depth, some aspect of their undergraduate study in a way which enhances their research skills. They also serve as an excellent grounding in the kind of thesis writing expected at honours and postgraduate level. Students who wish to engage in a year-long research project can indicate their intention to the Head of School, enrol in both courses, commence in either Autumn or Winter term, and complete their project over one year. Enrolments in Humanities Research Topics are limited. Students need to have completed 72 credit points of study, 24 of which will be in the relevant major, and may enrol in no more the 12 credit points of Humanities Research Topics. Interested students are encouraged to approach a member of staff to discuss a research topic and clarify assessment requirements before seeking permission from the Head of School to enrol.

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