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HIST11028  An Introduction to the Asia Pacific: Historical Contexts

By the use of innovative teaching strategies, and drawing on a variety of historiographical traditions, this Level 1 course introduces students to the historical study of the Asia Pacific region. The course combines a broad chronological perspective with historical case studies. It begins by examining the intellectual origins of theories about the existence of Terra Australis, and the influence the Asia Pacific world had on European thinking. It then examines European imperialism and colonialism, focusing on case studies of commodity transfer (eg tea, opium, spices, tobacco) and labour (eg. Singapore, Canton, Fiji, New Caledonia, Queensland). It ends by examining the response to European imperialism, once again by way of case studies (eg. Maori Wars, 1878 Insurrection [New Caledonia], the Paderi War 1821-38 [NEI], the Taiping Rebellion).

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