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ENPR14012  Dissertation B

The purpose of this course is to allow students who are in the final term of their program to conduct a design and/or research-based project which closely approximates that which occurs in industry. The project should integrate many of the technical components of the degree program. The planning of this project must have been completed in the previous term. This course requires the execution and reporting of a project in a professional manner. On satisfactory completion of the program, students should have:

  • achieved the aims of the project
  • commanded a detailed technical knowledge of the project area
  • demonstrated the ability to adhere to a work schedule
  • demonstrated proficiency in all technical and practical aspects of the project
  • demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form.

In addition, students who wish to obtain a honours degree, will have demonstrated a capability to work at the limits of the body of knowledge in an engineering discipline.

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