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EDVT19010  Content Studies A

Students should not enrol in this course. The course is used for credit transfer purposes only.

This course functions as a specialist content elective in our undergraduate programs. Undergraduate students will enter the program with minimum industry qualifications at the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 3 or above. For employment purposes, students are required to complete additional content studies beyond their initial trade or industry qualifications. These studies must be at an advanced trade or industry level from a recognised institution. They may be undertaken in either the university or vocational education and training sector contexts. The period of study must be equivalent to a university course. This study may be taken prior to or during the VET program enrolment. Students must supply certified documentation of successful completion of this content elective and apply for credit transfer against this course.

Central Queensland University Handbook
This handbook was correct as at: 07-May-2002

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