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EDVT13018  Education, Training & Work

Not offered in 2002

What is the difference between ’education' and ’training'? Why are some jobs considered as being ’professional' ones and others just jobs? Do these differences matter? If so, to whom? If not, why not? In other words, does anyone benefit from maintaining distinctions like these and why?

One response is that for no other reason, the answers to these questions are crucial to who get what jobs and how much pay one gets for the work one is ’qualified' for. Students in this course will have an opportunity to critically reflect on who gets what work, why and the arguments given for different occupations and/or kinds of work attracting/offering various kinds of rewards, eg. financial, status, power etc. Students will also be introduced to the organisation of work and how this relates in important ways to these issues.

Whether what is examined is good or bad, is justified, or not, will be for each student to decide and argue for. Students are required to critically examine some specific aspect of their own work and working environment to help them achieve this.

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