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EDVT12014  Teaching Practicum I

The primary goals are for you to practice and develop instructional skills, to reflect upon your own practice, receive feedback from your supervisor, students and peers, and to develop your ability to facilitate learning. It is designed so you can apply adult learning theories, training techniques and assessment tools in realistic situations. There is an emphasis on self-reflection on practice. This means you will be required to document and discuss your expectations and preparation prior to delivering instruction, record your experiences during the practicum and critically reflect on the outcomes.

The practicum must consist of a minimum of 25 days of structured teaching or training. You must negotiate a formal learning contract which outlines in advance the instruction that you will deliver and who will be responsible for the supervision and assessment of your performance. For students wishing to gain registration through the Queensland Board of Teacher Registration, the practicum supervisor must be a registered teacher or hold qualifications that would make them eligible for teacher registration. Successful performance in this course will require the satisfactory completion of three assignments as well as the teaching practicum.

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