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EDSE12017  Curriculum Studies II

Building upon the knowledge and skills developed from Curriculum Studies I (EDSE20005  ) and applying these in senior secondary schooling contexts is the focus of this course. In particular, ideas established in EDSE20005   are further developed to assist students in dealing with the different situations and contexts of teaching in this and related areas in the post-compulsory years of schooling (Years 11 and 12). The influences of secondary school curriculum frameworks and especially those of the post-compulsory years of schooling are examined critically. A range of topics are examined which may include curriculum development, teaching and learning resources, assessment and evaluation, teaching strategies, school work programs and study plans, moderation and certification procedures. The nature of convergence of general and vocational education is examined and students are required to become familiar with teaching and learning relevant to at least one Board of Senior Secondary School Studies (Board) syllabus and one Board Study Area Specifications currently taught in Queensland senior secondary schools.

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