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EDSE11006  Humanities Studies Years 8 to 10

Studies of Society and Environment is a key learning area studied by Australian school students from Years 1 to 10. It provides learning experiences which develop knowledge and skills essential to being an active and informed citizen to create positive social and environmental features. It increases students' abilities to participate successfully and productively in their society's activities in a context of increasing global interdependence. Using knowledge and understanding to address problems, make considered decisions, and take action in a contemporary world is an essential part of Studies in Society and Environment. A variety of school subject syllabuses in Years 8 to 12 in Queensland and elsewhere are within the scope of this key learning area. This course develops student knowledge and skills in learning and teaching in Years 8 to 10 in Studies of Society and Environment and related areas of business, civics, geography, history, and technology. Critical use is made of relevant sources of information including curriculum and policy documents to promote professional teaching and quality learning experiences in this area.

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