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EDFE20011  Teaching Practicum II

Teaching Practicum II can be used independently or in conjunction with Teaching Practice I. Both practices have the same outcomes. They focus on the student's workplace. Students, in negotiation with the lecturer, must: decide on their own learning objectives, assessment methods, criteria for assessment and maintain a journal recording their progress in the course. However, whatever choices the students make, they must provide evidence of being a theoretically informed, skilled practitioner.

The practicum must consist of a minimum of 25 days of structured teaching or training. You must negotiate a formal learning contract which outlines in advance the instruction that you will deliver and who will be responsible for the supervision and assessment of your performance. For students wishing to gain registration through the Queensland Board of Teacher Registration, the practicum supervisor must be registered as a teacher or hold qualifications that would make them eligible for teacher registration. Successful performance in this course will require the satisfactory completion of three assignments as well as the teaching practicum.

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