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EDED11353  Learning Management

Focusing on the key concept of ‘learning management’, this course responds to the challenging contemporary environment within which individuals now ‘teach’ and learn. It provides the fundamental concepts that inform learning management practices and will enable students to perform tasks that characterise learning management as a professional role. Students will begin by exploring common images associated with ‘learning’, ‘education,’ ‘schooling’ and ‘teaching’ and highlight the ways in which these images reflect particular understandings about the nature and purposes of education. From this basis, they will go on to consider the ways in which the contemporary social/cultural/technological context challenges us to develop new ways of thinking about learning and the role of educators—or learning managers—in learning processes. Emphasis is placed upon the relationship between contemporary society and the connection between life-long learning and quality of life. Throughout this introductory course, students will also be provided with supported opportunities to identify their own learning needs (particularly those related to basic technological literacies) and to formulate their own learning management plan. Within each of the modules and during each tutorial, students will be encouraged to reflect upon what might be seen as traditional or established frameworks and futures oriented or transformative frameworks.

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