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EDCU12014  Studies of Society & Environment

Studies of Society and Environment is a key learning area studied by most Australian school students from Years 1 to 10 and similar subjects are studied in many other countries. Studies of Society and Environment is critical to the welfare of all students as it enhances student learning about the world and provides knowledge necessary to understand natural, social, cultural, economic, and political systems and their interrelationships. It increases student's abilities to participate successfully and productively in their society's activities in a context of increasing global interdependence. Using knowledge and understanding to address problems, make considered decisions, and take action in a contemporary world is an essential part of Studies of Society and Environment. This course develops preservice and inservice teacher knowledge and skills about learning and teaching in this Key Learning Area and in implementing relevant curriculum and policy documents. The focus in this course is on teaching and learning in Years 1 to 7 in Studies of Society and Environment in Queensland primary schools.

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