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EDCU11020  Science Curriculum & Pedagogy

This course examines the issues related to science education and National Curriculum Statements in Science for Preschool to year 10 and requires students to evaluate critically these issues as part of the decision making process in science curriculum. It begins with a focus on aspects of science education that consider the child's role in the learning process. It examines the ideas about the world that children hold, how those ideas may change, and how teachers may facilitate the change process (that is, learning). Specific issues such as the nature of science, learning theories relevant to science education, and gender equity are also considered. Students are helped to develop and evaluate teaching approaches and programs emerging from these considerations, so that the resource materials available to them can be used effectively. Practical aspects such as organisational and management skills necessary for appropriate use of these resources are also examined. The course will also contribute to the development of teacher competencies relating to assessment.

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