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COIT12170  Data Communications

In this course, students gain a basic understanding of the concepts and principles intrinsic to the understanding of the technologies which are used in modern, electronic data communications and computer networking. The following areas are covered in the course: an understanding of the integral data communication techniques. Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks including both theoretical and practical alternatives, implications and requirements; the implications and expected directions of digitally integrating voice, data and visual networks. Students will apply the above concepts in practical exercises using facilities available from common carriers and data communication suppliers. Underpinning the material are the various layers of the OSI which is widely used as a base model for data communications and networking. The goal for this course is breadth, not depth - to cover the area, one cannot focus on just a few technologies or a few concepts. Concepts and Principles are emphasised: the technologies you study now may become obsolete in ten years, but the principles will remain.

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