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COIT11133  Programming A

This course is designed to teach first year computing students structured programming principles. The first section of the course introduces the student to the software development life cycle and the design of structured programs. The second section of the course uses the C++ programming language as a tool to implement structured programming and demonstrate coding of a software design.

Students will need to have access to a C++ compiler in either the Windows or DOS environment. If students are unsure of which compiler to purchase, please phone the CQU bookshop, they will help you to order the correct version of the recommended C++ compiler.

Use of electronic mailing lists is a major support service for this, and many other computing courses. This allows students to exchange ideas and it also allows the lecturer to provide students with up-to-date information. To be connected to the mailing list you will need a computer, a modem and Internet access, provided by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). This equipment and connection will also give you access to the University, Staff and course Web pages. These contain resources applicable to every course offered in the Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.

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