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BLCN14019  Construction Management Project II

Not offered after 2002

This course allows students to follow their interests and study aspects of construction management in more detail than in the directed courses in the program. The exact content of the project is to be negotiated with the lecturer supervising the project. However, the study could for example focus on a specific construction project, or on aspects of construction management practice or theory applied in a range of situations. Unless the student wishes to be considered for honours, and therefore to use the two project courses to research a topic in depth, the student may not choose a topic similar to that used in course Project 1 (Construction Management).

The student must demonstrate critical evaluation and analysis of the topic, mere reporting will not be adequate. If a student wishes to be considered for honours, the student must provide evidence of research and original thought appropriate to an honours degree.

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This handbook was correct as at: 07-May-2002

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